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Descriptive Set Theory and Banach Spaces (S.A. Argyros, G. Godefroy, H.P. Rosenthal).

Ramsey Methods in Banach Spaces (W.T. Gowers).

Quasi-Banach Spaces (N. Kalton).

Interpolation of Banach Spaces (N. Kalton, S. Montgomery-Smith).

Probabilistic Limit Theorems in the Setting of Banach Spaces (M. Ledoux, J. Zinn).

Quotients of Finite-Dimensional Banach Spaces; Random Phenomena (P. Mankiewicz, N. Tomczak-Jaegermann).

Banach Spaces with few Operators (B. Maurey).

Type-cotype and K-convexity (B. Maurey).

Distortion and Asymptotic Structure (E. Odell, T. Schlumprecht).

Sobolev Spaces (A. Pelczynski, M. Wojciechowski).

Operator Spaces (G. Pisier).

Non-commutative Lp-spaces (G. Pisier, Q. Xu).

Geometric Measure Theory in Banach Spaces (D. Preiss).

The Banach Spaces C (K).

Concentration, Results and Applications (G. Schechtman).

Uniqueness of Structure in Banach Spaces (L. Tzafriri).

Spaces of Analytic Functions with Integral Norm (P. Wojtaszczyk).

Extension of Bounded Linear Operators (M. Zippin).

Nonseparable Banach Spaces (V. Zizler).

Addenda and Corrigenda to Chapter 7, Approximation Properties by Peter G. Cassazza).

Addenda and Corrigenda to Chapter 8, Local Operator Theory, Random Matrices and Banach Spaces (K.R. Davidson, S.J. Szarek).

Operator Ideals (J. Diestel, H. Jarchow, A. Pietsch).

Addenda and Corrigenda to Chapter 15, Infinite Dimensional Convexity).


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"The editors, Bill Johnson and Joram Lindenstrauss have continued the steady hand they applied to the first volume to this second and final part of the Handbook (....) it is clear that these two volumes will become a standard and important reference for both graduate students and more experienced Banach space researchers. The Handbook is a must for any serious mathematics library and highly recommended for researchers in this and neighbouring fields."
Ian Doust - University of New South Wales. The Australian Mathematical Society Gazette. 2004.