Handbook of Stable Isotope Analytical Techniques

Handbook of Stable Isotope Analytical Techniques

1st Edition - October 27, 2004

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  • Editor: Pier de Groot
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080533278

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(Parent with price) Volume I contains subjective reviews, specialized and novel technique descriptions by guest authors. Part 1 includes contributions on purely analytical techniques and Part 2 includes matters such as development of mass spectrometers, stability of ion sources, standards and calibration, correction procedures and experimental methods to obtain isotopic fractionation factors.Volume II will be available in 2005.

Table of Contents

  • Dedication.
    Part 1.
    1. Stable isotope analysis of water and aqueous solutions by conventional dual-inlet mass spectrometry (J. Horita, C. Kendall).
    2. Conventional and less conventional techniques for hydrogen and oxygen isotope analysis of clays, associated minerals and pore waters
    in sediments and soils (H.A. Gilg, J.-P. Girard, S.M.F. Sheppard).
    3. Techniques for stable isotope analysis of fluid and gaseous inclusions (L. Dallai, R. Lucchini, Z.D. Sharp).
    4. Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) and flowing afterglow mass spectrometry (FA-MS) for the determination of the deuterium abundance in water vapour (P. Spanel, D. Smith).
    5. Natural abundance 2H-NMR spectroscopy: Application to food analysis (S. Rezzi et al.).
    6. Mass spectrometric techniques for the determination of lithium isotopic composition in geological material (L.-H. Chan).
    7. Thermal ionization mass spectrometry techniques for boron isotopic analysis: A review (C.-F. You).
    8. GC and IRMS technology for 13C and 15N analysis on organic compounds and related gases (W.Meier-Augenstein).
    9. Preparation of ecological and biochemical samples for isotope analysis (M.A. Teece, M.L. Fogel).
    10. Extraction of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in natural waters for isotopic analyses (E.A. Atekwana, R.V. Krishnamurthy).
    11. Compound specific isotope analysis of the organic constituents in the Murchison meteorite (M.A. Sephton, I. Gilmour).
    12. A new method for the isotopic examination of sub-milligram carbonate samples, using sulphamic acid (NH2.SO3H) at elevated temperatures (H. Le Q. Stuart-Williams).
    13. Determination of the abundance and stable isotopic composition of trace quantities of C and N in geological samples: The practice and principles
    of stepped-heating at high temperature resolution (S.R. Boyd).
    14. Stable isotope measurements of atmospheric CO2 and CH4 (B.H. Vaughn et al.).
    15. Preparation and analysis of nitrogen-bearing compounds in water for stable isotope ratio measurement (C.C.Y. Chang et al.).
    16. &dgr;15N analyses of ammonium-rich silicate minerals by sealed-tube extractions and dual inlet, viscous-flow mass spectrometry (G.E. Bebout, S.J. Sadofsky).
    17. Nitrogen isotopic analyses at the sub-picomole level using an ultra-low blank laser extraction technique (K. Hashizume, B. Marty).
    18. Mass independently fractionated ozone in the earth's atmosphere and in the laboratory (J.C. Johnston, M.H. Thiemens).
    19. Site-specific nitrogen isotope analysis in N2O by mass spectrometry (S. Toyoda, N. Yoshida).
    20. Fluorination methods in stable isotope analysis (B.E. Taylor).
    21. Oxygen isotope analysis of plant water without extraction procedure (K.S. Gan, S.C. Wong, G.D. Farquhar).
    22. Oxygen isotope analysis of phosphate
    (C. Lécuyer).
    23. Pyrolysis techniques for oxygen isotope analysis of cellulose (M. Saurer, R. Siegwolf).
    24. Sample homogeneity and cellulose extraction from plant tissue for stable isotope analyses (S. Borella, G. Ménot, M. Leuenberger).
    25. Analytical methods for silicon isotope determinations (T. Ding).
    26. Procedures for sulfur isotope abundance studies (B. Mayer, H.R. Krouse).
    27. Direct measurement of the content and isotopic composition of sulfur in black shales by means of combustion-isotope-ratio-monitoring mass spectrometry (C-irmMS) (M.E. Böttcher, B. Schnetger).
    28. Summary of methods for determining the stable isotope composition of chlorine and bromine in natural materials (H.G.M. Eggenkamp).
    29. Selenium, iron and chromium stable isotope ratio measurements by the double isotope spike TIMS method (T.M. Johnson, T.D. Bullen).
    30. SIMS measurement of stable isotopes (T.R. Ireland).
    31. Stable isotope analysis by multiple collector ICP-MS (M. Rehkämper, F. Wombacher, J.K. Aggarwal).
    32. Different isotope ratio measurement applications for different types of ICP-MS: comparative study of the performance capabilities and limitations (C.R. Quétel, J. Diemer).
    33. Isotope ratio analysis techniques using photoionization as a source of ions (I. Lyon).
    34. Isotope ratio infrared spectrometry (E. Kerstel).
    35. Glow discharge mass spectrometry: Fundamentals and potential applications
    in stable isotope geochemistry (D.M. Wayne).
    36. The use of molecular sieves in stable isotope analysis (H.R. Karlsson).
    37. Introduction to isotope dilution mass spectrometry (IDMS) (M. Berglund).
    Part 2.
    38. Mass spectrometer hardware for analyzing stable isotope ratios (W.A. Brand).
    39. Techniques of ion current stabilization in isotope ratio mass spectrometry (S. Halas, T. Durakiewicz).
    40. International stable isotope reference materials (M. Gröning).
    41. The nature and role of primary certified isotopic reference materials: A tool to underpin isotopic measurements on a global scale (P.D.P. Taylor, P. de Bièvre, S. Valkiers).
    42. Traceability in isotopic measurements (H. Kipphardt).
    43. Strategies and practicalities in the production and use of gas isotope standard materials (R.M. Verkouteren).
    44. Data corrections for mass-spectrometer analysis of SO2 (M. Coleman).
    45. Oxygen isotope corrections in continuous-flow measurements of SO2 (K. Leckrone, M. Ricci).
    46. Experimental measurement of isotopic fractionation factors and rates and mechanisms of reaction (S.M.F. Sheppard).
    47. Laboratory set-up for GC-MS and continuous-flow IRMS (W. Meier-Augenstein).
    Appendix A. Isogeochem list.
    Appendix B. The web stable isotope fractionation calculator (G. Beaudoin, P. Therrien).
    Appendix C. Suppliers of reference materials. References.

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  • Published: October 27, 2004
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  • eBook ISBN: 9780080533278

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