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Preface to the Second Edition

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Chapter 1. Natural Gas Fundamentals

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Natural Gas History

1.3 Natural Gas Origin and Sources

1.4 Natural Gas Composition and Classification

1.5 Natural Gas Phase Behavior

1.6 Natural Gas Properties

1.7 Natural Gas Reserves

1.8 Natural Gas Exploration and Production

1.9 Natural Gas Transportation

1.10 Dynamics of Global Gas Business


Chapter 2. Natural Gas Energy Pricing

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Energy Pricing, Supply, and Demand

2.3 Sustainability and the Increasing Fascination with Natural Gas

2.4 Is Natural Gas Always “Nonrenewable”?

2.5 U.S. Natural Gas: Pricing, Markets, Risk Management, and Supply

2.6 Natural Gas in Eurasia: the Special Position of Post-Soviet Russia

2.7 Looking to Nature for a New Model


Chapter 3. Raw Gas Transmission

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Multiphase Flow Terminology

3.3 Multiphase Flow Regimes

3.4 Determining Multiphase Flow Design Parameters

3.5 Predicting Temperature Profile of Multiphase Pipelines

3.6 Velocity Criteria for Sizing Multiphase Pipelines

3.7 Multiphase Pipeline Operations

3.8 Multiphase Flow Assurance


Chapter 4. Basic Concepts of Natural Gas Processing

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Scope of Natural Gas Processing

4.3 Typical Setup of Gas Processing Plants

4.4 Finding the Best Gas Processing Route


Chapter 5. Phase Separation

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Gravity Separators

5.3 Multistage Separation

5.4 Centrifugal Separators

5.5 Twister Supersonic Separator

5.6 Slug Catcher


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About the authors

Saeid Mokhatab

Saeid Mokhatab is one of the most recognizable names in the natural gas community through his contributions to advancing the technologies in the natural gas processing industry. He has worked in a variety of senior technical and managerial positions with major petroleum companies and has been actively involved in several large-scale gas-field development projects, concentrating on design, precommissioning and startup of processing plants. He has presented numerous invited lectures on gas processing technologies, and has authored or co-authored over 200 technical publications including two well-known Elsevier’s handbooks, which are considered by many as major references to be taken into account for any gas processing/LNG project in development. He founded the world’s first peer-reviewed journal devoted to the natural gas science and engineering (published by Elsevier, USA); has held editorial positions in many scientific journals/book publishing companies for the hydrocarbon processing industry; and served as a member of technical committees for a number of professional societies and famous gas-processing conferences worldwide. As a result of his outstanding work in the natural gas industry, he has received a number of international awards/medals including the Einstein Gold Medal of Honor and Kapitsa Gold Medal of Honor; and his biography has been listed in highly prestigious directories.

Affiliations and Expertise

Independent Consultant, Canada

William Poe

William A. “Bill” Poe is a Senior Principal Technical Consultant at the Invensys Division of Schneider Electric, USA. He has over 30 years of international business and industrial experience in design, operations and project management of gas processing plants with a special focus on automation, multivariable predictive control (MPC), advanced process control (APC), optimization design and implementation, and real-time performance monitoring. Bill started his career at Shell Oil Company, USA, in 1981, working over a decade in natural gas processing plants operations and engineering as well as management of multimillion-dollar projects. In 1993, he joined Continental Controls to lead the process engineering department in support of executing contracts with the Gas Research Institute, USA, where he developed new multivariable control applications in the natural gas industry. After joining GE as part of the Continental Controls acquisition, he became vice president of this division of GE where his responsibilities included direction of product development, projects, technical sales support, and customer service for multivariable control and optimization applications in the natural gas industry. In 2001, Bill joined Invensys Process Systems, USA, where he has developed APC and Optimization Master Plans for international companies such as Saudi Aramco, ADNOC, Statoil, and PDVSA, as well as automation and advanced process control feasibility studies for over 100 natural gas processing plants worldwide. Bill is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering, has authored or co-authored more than 50 technical papers, and made numerous technical presentations at prestigious international conferences. He received the GE Innovators Award in 1999 and attained the Invensys Circle of Excellence in 2011.

Affiliations and Expertise

Business Consultant, Invensys Operations Management, USA