Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing

2nd Edition

Print ISBN: 9780123869142
eBook ISBN: 9780123869753
Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing
Published Date: 2nd July 2012
Page Count: 828
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A unique, well-documented, and forward-thinking work, the second edition of Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing continues to present a thoroughly updated, authoritative, and comprehensive description of all major aspects of natural gas transmission and processing. It provides an ideal platform for engineers, technologists, and operations personnel working in the natural gas industry to get a better understanding of any special requirements for optimal design and operations of natural gas transmission pipelines and processing plants.

Key Features

  • First book of its kind that covers all aspects of natural gas transmission and processing
  • Provides pivotal updates on the latest technologies, which have not been addressed in-depth in any existing books
  • Offers practical advice for design and operation based on sound engineering principles and established techniques
  • Examines ways to select the best processing route for optimal design of gas-processing plants
  • Contains new discussions on process modeling, control, and optimization in gas processing industry


Professional gas processing engineers and technologists, gas-processing plant designers and operators, scientists and researchers working in the natural gas industry

Table of Contents

Endorsements for the Second



Preface to the Second Edition

Authors Biographical Sketches

Chapter 1. Natural Gas Fundamentals

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Natural Gas History

1.3 Natural Gas Origin and Sources

1.4 Natural Gas Composition and Classification

1.5 Natural Gas Phase Behavior

1.6 Natural Gas Properties

1.7 Natural Gas Reserves

1.8 Natural Gas Exploration and Production

1.9 Natural Gas Transportation

1.10 Dynamics of Global Gas Business


Chapter 2. Natural Gas Energy Pricing

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Energy Pricing, Supply, and Demand

2.3 Sustainability and the Increasing Fascination with Natural Gas

2.4 Is Natural Gas Always “Nonrenewable”?

2.5 U.S. Natural Gas: Pricing, Markets, Risk Management, and Supply

2.6 Natural Gas in Eurasia: the Special Position of Post-Soviet Russia

2.7 Looking to Nature for a New Model


Chapter 3. Raw Gas Transmission

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Multiphase Flow Terminology

3.3 Multiphase Flow Regimes

3.4 Determining Multiphase Flow Design Parameters

3.5 Predicting Temperature Profile of Multiphase Pipelines

3.6 Velocity Criteria for Sizing Multiphase Pipelines

3.7 Multiphase Pipeline Operations

3.8 Multiphase Flow Assurance


Chapter 4. Basic Concepts of Natural Gas Processing

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Scope of Natural Gas Processing

4.3 Typical Setup of Gas Processing Plants

4.4 Finding the Best Gas Processing Route


Chapter 5. Phase Separation

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Gravity Separators

5.3 Multistage Separation

5.4 Centrifugal Separators

5.5 Twister Supersonic Separator

5.6 Slug Catcher


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“This well-balanced handbook is the only book of its kind, covering all aspects of natural gas transmission and processing in more details. I believe it will serve as a valuable desk reference for practicing gas engineers and technologists, and as a text for graduate students in the gas engineering curriculum.”
J.C. Kuo, Senior Advisor of Gas Team, Process Technology Unit, Chevron ETC, USA

“Today’s natural gas industry is evolving and the projects are technically challenging. This book is an excellent reference for all professionals, engineers and scientists working in the mid-stream and down-stream sectors of natural gas industry. It fills a considerable void.”
John Y. Mak, Senior Fellow and Director of Process Engineering, Fluor, USA

“This high quality, comprehensive book gives an accurate picture of where the natural gas transmission and processing industry stands today, as well as indicating some relatively new technologies that could become important in the future. I recommend this book for any professional gas processing engineer and technologist.”
Dave Messersmith, Manager of LNG Technology and Services Group, Bechtel, USA

“This is a valuable handbook to both the experienced engineer and the graduate just commencing in natural gas engineering. It provides practical advice for design and operation based on sound engineering principles and established techniques as well as introducing process solutions based on new and emerging technologies.”
Adrian Finn, Technology Manager, Costain Energy amp; Process, UK

“This book addresses the advanced technologies, new issues and challenges related to natural gas transmission and processing, which have not been addressed in depth in any existing books. The format of the book makes it a particularly valuable reference work for all engineers in the natural gas business as well as a textbook for students in petroleum and chemical engineering curricula and in the training departments