This handbook brings together in a single volume expert contributions on the many aspects of MO data recording, including the materials in use, techniques for achieving recording function, and storage device subsystems. As a multiple author treatment, it brings perspective from many viewpoints and institutions. The insights delivered should be valuable to a wide audience from students to practitioners in all areas of information storage.


Practitioners and students in all areas of information storage.

Table of Contents

1. Magneto-Optical Data Recording: Introduction and Overview 1.0 Introduction to Optical Storage 2.0 The Advantages of Optical Storage 3.0 The Storage Hierarchy and Optical Libraries 4.0 The MO Drive 5.0 Magneto-Optical Storage Products and Success in the Marketplace References 2. Heads and Lasers 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Laser Diodes 3.0 Incident Light Path 4.0 Return Light Path 5.0 Examples of Production MO Optical Heads 6.0 Future Improvements Acknowledgments References 3. Servos and Actuators 1.0 Introduction 2.0 The Servo Loop 3.0 Actuator Technology List of Symbols References 4. Media Substrates And Format 1.0 Disk Layout and Functional Areas 2.0 Pre-Mastering 3.0 Mastering 4.0 Molding and Stamping 5.0 Protection Coats; Lifetime 6.0 Hubbing 7.0 Cartridging 8.0 Optical and Mechanical Property Control Acknowledgement References 5. Magneto-Optical Thin Film Recording Materials in Practice 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Design Concepts 3.0 Film Deposition and Manufacturing Methods 4.0 Magneto-Optical Thin Film Materials 5.0 Reflector Thin Film Materials 6.0 Environment and Lifetime 7.0 Summary and Outlook Acknowledgments Abbreviations and Symbols References 6. Materials Characterization 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Optical Characterization 3.0 Magneto-Optical Characterization 4.0 Thermal C


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Terry W. McDaniel

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Quinta Corporation, San Jose, CA, USA

Randall Victora

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Kodak Research Laboratories, Rochester, NY, USA


"This Handbook is highly recommended for anyone with at least an active interest in the field ..." - RIC News.