Volume 99. Handbook of Magnetic Nanoparticle Biocompatible Materials:

1st Edition

Theory Preparation, Properties and Applications


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This book will fill the current literature gap in the field of nanoparticle magnetic fluids for biomedical applications, which is unique and appealing to a wide range of scientists as a book for graduate and senior undergraduate students and for both beginning and experienced research physicists, chemists and biomedical scientists. There is no such dedicated book available in this rapidly growing field except a few compilations of published papers in the literature. This aim is expected to characterize the importance of both Basic and Applied interests in these important fields.

Key Features

Key features

  • Only book available to date that covers BOTH magnetic nanoparticles/fluids AND their biological and medical applications
  • Presents an introduction to theoretical concepts and a wide range of experimental techniques used for fabrication
  • Provides a unique overview of the present day status of the biological and medical research in the field through to the different applications currently in progress, the activities of different research groups around the world, and finally the perspectives for the field in the coming years.
  • Book is written by an unusually broad group of authors experienced in the various sub-disciplines of this field working together to complement their contributions in an appropriate manner that combines the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the field.


  • The biological and medical applications field is vastly growing. This book widens the applications knowledge of the reader and provides reader with an overview of all applications from one source. Saves times and broadens perspective.
  • Book serves as both a training manual for the new generation of researchers, and as an updated reference source for practicing scientists in the related fields.
  • Reader is quickly made aware of the vast number of present and future research areas. They are thus better placed to make informed decisions about the focus and direction of their own research and where possible collaboration can be sought.
  • All four co-authors published in the past with main author Morais. They are familiar with his writing style and therefore provide a cohesive approach quite often unheard of with a multiple authored book. Thus providing the reader with a more objective and wider approach AND a consistency of style.


This book is intended to target last-year undergraduate and graduate level students, and will provide an up-to-date reference for experienced researchers, of nanoscience and nanotechnology, medical and biomedical sciences (this will include: Physicists, Chemists and Biologists, Medical Physics, Medical Chemistry) who are interested in the basic, applied and multidisciplinary topics in science. Suitable for researchers engaged in the research of nanoparticles and related materials as well as engineers engaged in R&D of nanoparticles or products made from nanoparticles. Can also be used for seminars or technical training courses on new materials using nanoparticles.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Introduction

Chapter 2: Theoretical Aspects

Chapter 3: Material Synthesis (CF-SPIO)

Chapter 4: Material Characterization (CF-SPIO)

Chapter 5: Biological Tests (CF-SPIO)

Chapter 6: Biological and Medical Applications (CF-SPIO)

Chapter 7: Concluding remarks


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