Handbook of Infrared Detection Technologies

1st Edition

Editors: M. Henini M Razeghi
Hardcover ISBN: 9781856173889
eBook ISBN: 9780080507910
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 11th December 2002
Page Count: 532
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The use of lasers which emit infra-red radiation and sophisticated detectors of IR radiation is increasing dramatically: they are being used for long-distance fibre-optic communications and remote environmental monitoring and sensing. Thus they are of interest to the telecommunications industry and the military in particular. This book has been designed to bring together what is known on these devices, using an international group of contributors.


Those involved in the design, manufacture and processing of Infra-red devices; materials manufacture and use in corporate, government and academic facilities world-wide.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction (M. Henini, M.Razeghi)

Chapter 2 - Comparison of photon and thermal detector performance (A. Rogalski)

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Fundamental limits to infrared detector performance

2.2.1 Photon detectors

2.2.2 Thermal detectors

2.2.3 Comparison of the fundamental limits of photon and thermal detectors

2.3 Focal plane array performance

2.4 FPAs of photon detectors

2.4.1 InSb photodiodes

2.4.2 HgCdTe photodiodes

2.4.3 Photoemissive PtSi Schottky-barrier detectors

2.4.4 Extrinsic photoconductors

2.4.5 GaAs/AIGaAs QWIPs

2.4.6 QWIP versus HgCdTe in the LWIR spectral region

2.5 Dual-band FPAs

2.5.1 Dual-band HgCdTe

2.5.2 Dual-band QWIPs

2.6 FPAs of thermal detectors

2.6.1 Micromachined silicon bolometers

2.6.2 Pyroelectric arrays

2.6.3 Thermoelectric arrays

2.6.4 Status and trends of uncooled arrays

2.7 Conclusions



Chapter 3 - GaAs/AIGaAs based quantum well intrared photodetector focal plane arrays (S.D. Gunapala, S.V. Bandara)

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Detectivity D* comparison

3.3 Effect of nonuniformity

3.4 640x512 pixel long-wavelength portable QWIP camera

3.5 640x486 long-wavelength dual-band imaging camera

3.6 640x512 pixel broad-band QWIP imaging camera

3.7 640x512 spatially separated four-band QWIP focal plane array

3.8 QWIPs for low background and low temerature operation

3.9 Summary




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About the Editor

M. Henini

M Razeghi

Affiliations and Expertise

Director, Center for Quantum Devices, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northwestern University, USA