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‘… a good reference book for food processors and packers of herbs and spices.’
Food Technology (of Volume 1)

‘… a standard reference for manufacturers who use herbs and spices in their products.’
Food Trade Review (of Volume 2)

The final volume of this three-volume sequence completes the coverage of the main herbs and spices used in food processing. The first part of the book reviews ways of improving the safety of herbs and spices. There are chapters on detecting and controlling mycotoxin contamination, controlling pesticide and other residues, the use of irradiation and other techniques to decontaminate herbs and spices, packaging and storage, QA and HACCP systems. Part two reviews the potential health benefits of herbs and spices with chapters discussing their role in preventing chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease and promoting gut health. The final part of the book comprises chapters on twenty individual herbs and spices, covering such topics as chemical composition, cultivation and quality issues, processing, functional benefits and uses in food. Herbs and spices reviewed range from asafoetida, capers and carambola to perilla, potato onion and spearmint.

The final volume will consolidate the reputation of this three-volume series, providing a standard reference for R&D and QA staff using herbs and spices in their food products.

Key Features

  • The final volume of this three-volume sequence completes the coverage of the main herbs and spices used in food processing
  • Incorporates safety issues, production, main uses and regulations
  • Reviews the potential health benefits of herbs and spices

Table of Contents

Part 1 Improving the safety of herbs and spices: Detecting and controlling mycotoxin contamination of herbs and spices; Controlling pesticide and other residues in herbs and spices; Irradiation to decontaminate herbs and spices; Other decontamination techniques for herbs and spices; Packaging and storage of herbs and spices; QA and HACCP systems in herb and spice production. Part 2 Herbs and spices as functional ingredients and flavourings: The range of medicinal herbs and spices; Herbs, spices and cardiovascular disease; Herbs, spices and cancer; Herbs, spices and gut health; Volatiles from herbs and spices. Part 3 Particular herbs and spices; Asafoetida; Capers and Caperberries; Carambola; Caraway; Cayenne/American pepper; Celeriac; Celery; Chives; Galanga; Galangal; Leek and Shallot; Lemon balm; Lemongrass; Long pepper; Lovage; Padan Wangi; Peppermint; Perilla; Potato onion (Multiplier onion); Spearmint.


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