Handbook of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare

5th Edition


  • Print ISBN 9780443068874

Table of Contents

1. Contraceptive Choice, Charlotte Ellertson and Anna Glasier

2. Service Provision in the UK, Alison Bigrigg

3. Combined hormonal contraception, Anna Glasier

4. Progestogen-only pill, Marian P. Everett

5. Progestogen-only injectables, Diana Mansour

6. Progestogen-only implants, Martha Hickey

7. Intra-uterine devices, Meera Kishen

8. Intra-uterine systems, Ailsa E. Gebbie

9. Barrier methods, Madelaine Ward

10. Fertility awareness methods and postpartum contraception, Jane Smith

11. Emergency contraception, Susan Brechin

12. Female sterilization, Mary W. Rodger

13. Vasectomy, Richard A. Anderson

14. Sexual health services for young people, Paula Baraitser

15. Legal aspects of family planning, Susan Jones

16. Abortion, Audrey H. Brown

17. Screening and health promotion, Sally Hope

18. Sexually transmitted infections, Christopher Wilkinson

19. Sexuality and family planning, Susan V. Carr

20. Gynaecological problems in the family planning consultation, Sharon Cameron

21. Premenstrual syndrome, P.M.S. O'Brien

22. Menopause, Ailsa E. Gebbie

23. Contraceptives of the future, Michael J.K. Harper


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Churchill Livingstone
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About the authors

Anna Glasier

Affiliations and Expertise

Lead Clinician for Sexual Health in NHS Lothian. Honorary Professor at the University of Edinburgh School of Clinical Science and Community Health and University of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK Consultant/Director

Ailsa Gebbie

Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant in Community Gynaecology, Lothian Primary Care NHS Trust, Edinburgh