Handbook of Child and Adolescent Sexuality

1st Edition

Developmental and Forensic Psychology

Print ISBN: 9780123877598
eBook ISBN: 9780123877642
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 7th February 2013
Page Count: 608
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Adolescent and child sexuality is studied by developmental psychologists from a research perspective and is of interest to forensic psychologists dealing with abuse and custody issues as well as rape cases. In many cases, it is of interest whether the child in question was sexually active to understand the extent to which an underage minor might have voluntarily participated in sexual activity as opposed to having been coerced. Previously, researchers interested in the applications of their research needed to look to separate books, and forensic specialists needed to look to development books to find the information they may have needed. This handbook provides both audiences with the related information they need.

Key Features

  • Encompasses normative behavior and clinical disorders in one source
  • Applies the information on development and behavior to forensic issues
  • Provides treatment information on sexual disorders in children
  • Provides information on children and adolescents in one volume


Researchers in developmental and social psychology and clinical psychologists specializing in child sexual disorders.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors



Part One: Ethical Issues Pertaining to the Sexuality of Minors

Chapter 1. Choosing for Children

The Rudiments of Consent

Hot Button Case

The Good, the Bad, and Best Interests

Moral Disagreement

Large Issues


Part Two: Research Strategies: How Do We “Know” What We “Know?”

Chapter 2. Research Methods: Current Strategies, Obstacles to Research, and Future Directions

Why the Dearth of Research on Child and Adolescent Sexuality?

Strengths and Shortcomings of Research Strategies Employed

Research Strategies Utilized in Investigating Domains of Childhood Behavior other than Childhood Sexual Behavior

Directions for Future Research

Significant Dilemmas Impeding Advancement of Knowledge in the Field


Chapter 3. Research Syntheses Related to Childhood and Adolescent Sexuality: A Critical Review


Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis: Evidence-Based Resources

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Procedures

Survey of Systematic Reviews of Child and Adolescent Sexuality



Chapter 4. Applications of Small-n Research Design in Child and Adolescent Sexuality



Withdrawal and Reversal Designs (AB, ABAB)

Multiple-Baseline Designs




Part Three: Child and Adolescent Development

Chapter 5. Sexual Development


Learning Bases

Social Bases

Conclusion: Healthy Sexual Development



Chapter 6. Sexual Behavior of Prepubertal Children


Defining Prepubertal

Theories of why Puberty is Occurring at Earlier Ages


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"...provides solid data on the range of sexual tendencies and thus allows for the understanding of normative and non-normative juvenile sexuality…substantially aid the therapist in the trenches of clinical work with adolescents and children."--New Jersey Psychologist

"...provides solid data on the range of sexual tendencies and thus allows for the understanding of normative and non-normative juvenile sexuality…"- New Jersey Psychologist

"This book covers child and adolescent sexuality from a developmental perspective, while considering normal development and paraphilias and exploring child abuse victims and adolescent offenders…The book is fairly easy to read and covers the topic well, addressing ethical issues, research strategies, developmental information, treatment recommendations, and public policy. It will be useful to a wide range of medical, mental health, and legal professionals." Rating: 4 Stars--Doody.com, January 24, 2014
"Editors Bromberg and O'Donohue present this reference on the sensitive topic of sexuality in non-adult populations. The book is divided into five general headings of professional ethics, research strategies, sexuality across development, sexual victimization, and sexual behavior problems, with the sections on development and victimization being largest…The book is intended for a broad audience, from researchers and mental health professionals to legal experts."--Reference & Research Book News, October 2013