Hack Proofing Sun Solaris 8

1st Edition

Authors: Syngress
Paperback ISBN: 9781928994442
eBook ISBN: 9780080478128
Imprint: Syngress
Published Date: 31st October 2001
Page Count: 608
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The only way to stop a hacker is to think like one!

Sun Microsystem's venerable and well-respected operating system Solaris is currently in version 8, and runs on both Intel and Sun Hardware. Solaris is one of the most comprehensive and popular UNIX operating systems available. Hundreds of thousands of business enterprises, both small and large, depend on Sun Solaris to keep their business alive - but have they protected themselves against hackers?

Hack Proofing Sun Solaris 8 is the latest addition to the popular Hack Proofing series from Syngress Publishing. Providing hands-on information written by both security professionals and self-proclaimed hackers, this book will give system administrators the edge they need to fortify their Sun Solaris operating system against the never-ending threat of hackers.

Key Features

The fifth title in the popular series that brought us the bestseller Hack Proofing Your Network Teaches strategy and techniques using forensic-based analysis Up to the minute Web-based support with solutions@syngress.com

Table of Contents

Foreword Chapter 1 Introducing Solaris Security: Evaluating Your Risk Introduction Exposing Default Solaris Security Levels Altering Default Permissions Making Services Available after Installation Working with Default Environmental Settings Evaluating Current Solaris Security Configurations Evaluating Network Services Evaluating Network Processes Monitoring Solaris Systems Using the sdtprocess and sdtperfmeter Applications Monitoring Solaris Logfiles Testing Security Testing Passwords Testing File Permissions Securing against Physical Inspections Securing OpenBoot Documenting Security Procedures and Configurations Documenting Security Procedures Documenting System Configurations Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 2 Securing Solaris with the Bundled Security Tools Introduction The Orange Book Choosing Solaris 8 C2 Security Configuring Auditing Managing the Audit Log Understanding Auditing Classifications Configuring Auditing Extracting and Analyzing Auditing Data Choosing Trusted Solaris 8 Using Trusted Solaris 8’s B1-Level Security Understanding the Concept of Mandatory Access Control Administrative Labels Auditing and Analyzing Trusted Solaris 8 Solaris 8 Security Enhancements Using SunScreen Secure Net Utilizing SunScreen SKIP Using the Solaris Security Toolkit Using OpenSSH Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 3 Securing Solaris with Freeware Security Tools Introduction Detecting Vulnerabilities with Portscanning Advanced Portscanning Discovering Unau


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