Volume 1279. Gynaecology, Obstetrics, and Reproductive Medicine in Daily Practice

1st Edition

Proceedings of the 15th Congress of Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine in Daily Practice 2005, to be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands between 6 and 8 April 2005, ICS 1279


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Key Features

  • The book has a clear, primary target group.
  • The book provides refresher and enhancing opportunities for all subspecialisations: gynaecology, urogynaecology, obstetrics and reproductive medicine
  • Emphasis on the consensus achieved rather than ongoing controversies

Table of Contents

Scientific Committee.
Introduction by the Presidents of the Scientific Committee.
Fertility research and treatment in 2005.
Anovulation diagnostics.

WHO-classification of anovulation: background, evidence and problems (M. Dhont).
PCOS: Backgrounds, evidence and problems in diagnosing the syndrome (J.S.E. Laven et al.).
Ovulation induction.
Ovulation induction with clomiphene or gonadotropins (C.B. Lambalk et al.).
Laparoscopic electrocautery of the ovaries in patients with clomiphene citrateresistant polycystic ovary syndrome (F. van der Veen et al.).
Position of alternatives: insulin sensitizers and others (P. van Zonneveld).
Ovarian stimulation.
'Controlled' ovarian stimulation: who's kidding who? (N. Macklon).
Ovarian stimulation havoc (P.A. van Dop).
Outcome of ovarian stimulation, pregnancy rates and multiple pregnancies (P. De Sutter).
Intrauterine insemination: facts and fairy-tales (B.J. Cohlen).
Keynote lectures.
Is women's emancipation still compatible with reproduction in this century? (E.R. te Velde).
Reproduction and demography in Europe (H. Leridon).
Gynaecology - prevention, diagnostics and therapy in 2005.
Chronic pelvic pain.

Epidemiology of chronic pelvic pain (K.T. Zondervan, S.H. Kennedy).
Laparoscopic adhesiolysis for chronic abdominal pain is not indicated (D. Swank).
Chronic pelvic pain: Sailing between the "Scylla" and the "Charybdis" (A.A.W. Peters).
Keynote lecture.
Is the sexological issue inadequately recognised in gynaecology? (H. Joos, R.-M. Van Hoof).
HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) after occupational and non-occupational exposure (J.M. Prins).
Strategies for the prevention of neonatal herpes: just a matter of opinion? (W.I. van der Meijd


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