A broad range of topics is covered here, including commutative monoid rings, the Jacobson radical of semigroup rings, blocks of modular group algebras, nilpotency index of the radical of group algebras, the isomorphism problem for group rings, inverse semigroup algebras and the Picard group of an abelian group ring. The survey lectures provide an up-to-date account of the current state of the subject and form a comprehensive introduction for intending researchers.

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Fundamental Groups of Elliptic Curves Internal to Locally Ringed Spaces (P. Cherenack). Property E in Commutative Monoid Rings (R. Gilmer). Conditions Concerning Prime and Maximal Ideals of Commutative Monoid Rings (R. Gilmer). Commutative Monoid Rings with Finite Maximal or Prime Spectrum (R. Gilmer). The Group of Units of a Commutative Semigroup Ring of a Torsion-Free Semigroup (E. Jespers). A Description of the Jacobson Radical of Semigroup Rings of Commutative Semigroups (E. Jespers and P. Wauters). Blocks and Vertices of Twisted Group Algebras (G. Karpilovsky). Defect Groups of Blocks of Twisted Group Algebras (G. Karpilovsky). Extending Indecomposable Modules over Twisted Group Algebras (G. Karpilovsky). Blocks of Modular Group Algebras (B. Külshammer). On the Picard Group of an Abelian Group Ring (D. Lantz). Lie Metabelian Group Rings (F. Levin and G. Rosenberger). Unit Groups and Isomorphism Theorems for Commutative Group Algebras (W. May). Torsion Units in Group Rings and a Conjecture of H.J. Zassenhaus (C.P. Milies). On the Nilpotency Index of the Radical of a Group Algebra IX (K. Motose). Inverse Semigroup Algebras (W.D. Munn). Sections and Irreducible Modules (M.F. O'Reilly). Noetherian Semigroup Rings with Several Objects (G. Richter). A Conjecture Relating to the Isomorphism Problem for Commutative Group Algebras (W. Ullery). Rings Graded by a Semilattice - Applications to Semigroup Rings (P. Wauters).


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