Groundwater Economics, Volume 39

1st Edition

Editors: E. Custodio A. Gurguí
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444872968
eBook ISBN: 9780080870304
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 1st April 1989
Page Count: 622
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Table of Contents

Foreword. Introduction. Basic Concepts on Economy and Groundwater Economy. Basic economic concepts applied to groundwater management (A. Sanchez Gonzalez). Section I. Economic Aspects of Groundwater Exploration and Exploitation. Economics of groundwater works (A. Navarro). Economic considerations in groundwater resource evaluation (S.S.D. Foster). Economic aspects of groundwater exploration and assessment (J. Schwarz). Economic aspects of groundwater exploitation (S. Niñerola). Evaluation methodology for withdrawal costs obtained from studies on some groundwater aquifers (F.M. Spaziani, et al.). The intervention of hydrogeophysics in the economics of groundwater exploitation and management in Sicily (A. Cimino). Economic use of groundwater through the detailed knowledge of the aquifers penetrated by the well (A. Benton). Section II. Economic Aspects of Groundwater Use and Conservation. Economic assessment of the consequences of ground water use (J.A. Tinajero-Gonzalez). Economic aspects of groundwater protection (J. Vrba). Some aspects of the economics of groundwater (R.A. Downing). The economic dimension of aquifer protection - or putting a price on groundwater pollution (S.S.D. Foster, V. Foster). Economic aspects of groundwater development and use (R.G. Cummings, R.R. Lansford). Toward a correct evaluation of water economics: experience from the region of Murcia, Spain (J.D. Gutierrez Escudero). Economic aspects of groundwater development for irrigation and drainage in the Nile Vally (F.A.R. Attia, A.B.M. Lennaerts). Cost and price of water for irrigation in Spain (A. Sanchez Gonzalez). Extra cost of saline ground water treatment: case of Llobregat river delta (Spain) (J. Marce Miracle). Economic aspects of ground water use (K. Korim). Economic evaluation of a pilot study for the reclamation of the alluvial aquifer of La Llagosta basin (A. Navarro, M.A. Soler). Section III. Economic Aspects of Grou


This book contains a selection of papers presented at the Symposium and Workshop on Groundwater Economics, held in Barcelona, Spain, 19-23 October 1987. The editors' aim was to produce a publication with useful contributions, containing basic concepts, general formulations, relevant specific studies usable as reference cases, and issues of interest for developing areas and countries.


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