Glacigenic Sediments, Volume 49

1st Edition

Authors: K. Brodzikowski A. J. van Loon
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444883070
eBook ISBN: 9780080869636
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 11th December 1990
Page Count: 673
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Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction. Early Literature and Problems in Terminology. Sources Used. Scope of the Book. Framework of the Book. General Characteristics of Glacigenic Sedimentation. Depositional Processes in the Glacigenic Environments. Characteristics of Glacigenic Sedimentation. The Influence of Climate on Glacigenic Sedimentation. The Influence of Endogenic Factors. The Sedimentary Facies. Facies Interpretation. Glacigenic Facies Models. Terminology and Usage of Symbols. The System of Glacigenic Depositional Environments. The Glacigenic Environments as an Energetic Entity. Depositional Sedimentary Environments and their General Model. Glacigenic Facies and Their Characteristics. The Melting-Ice Facies. The Glaciofluvial Facies. The Marine Bottom-Current Facies. The Glaciodeltaic Facies. The Glaciolacustrine Facies. The Aeolian Facies. The Mass-Transport Facies. Tables of the Continental and Marine Glacigenic Environments, Subenvironments, Facies and Deposits. The Continental Supraglacial Subenvironment and its Deposits. Supraglacial Conditions on Active Ice. Supraglacial Conditions on Passive Ice. Geological Processes in the Supraglacial Subenvironment. Deposits of the Supraglacial Melting-Ice Facies. Deposits of the Supraglacial Fluvial Facies. Deposits of the Supraglacial Deltaic Facies. Deposits of the Supraglacial Lacustrine Facies. Deposits of the Supraglacial Aeolian Facies. Deposits of the Supraglacial Mass-Transport Facies. The Continental Englacial Subenvironment and its Deposits. Englacial Conditions in Active Ice. Englacial Conditions in Passive Ice. Sedimentation Processes in the Englacial Subenvironment. Deposits of the Englacial Melting-Ice Facies. Deposits of the Englacial Fluvial Facies. Deposits of the Englacial Mass-Transport Facies. The Continental Subglacial Subenvironment and its Deposits. Subglacial Conditions


This book aims primarily at providing those involved in fundamental or applied research in the fields of geology, geomorphology and hydrology with a systematic overview of glacigenic sediments. A generally applicable terminology is proposed which should facilitate communication between scientists from several fields. Also it should form a bridge between western and eastern "schools" dealing with Quaternary geology. Because the book is mainly devoted to depositional processes and the resulting deposits, the approach and the terminology followed in this book are obviously founded strongly on sedimentology, the geological discipline that deals specifically with these phenomena.

The book will be helpful in describing the sediments involved, interpreting their genesis, establishing their extent and their mutual relationships, and thus in the reconstruction of the palaeogeographic development. The large list of references reflects the author's extensive search of the literature.


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@qu:The book is to be recommended especially for researchers of Quaternary deposits found in former glaciated terrains. @source:Boreas @qu:...a very good source book for active specialists on glacial sedimentology. @source:Sedimentary Geology @qu:Brodzikowski and Van Loon have written a remarkable textbook that is in encyclopaedic poportions - truly a tour de force... I would not just recommend but suggest that this text be a compulsory work for anyone working with glacial sediments and dealing with glacial environmental problems. This text will remain a key benchmark for all succeeding texts for decades to come. I cannot recommend this text high enough or commend the two authors sufficiently for their phenomenal efforts. @source:Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology

About the Authors

K. Brodzikowski Author

Affiliations and Expertise

Uniwersytet Lódzki, Instytut Geografii Fizycznej i Ksztaltowania Środowiska, Zaklad Geologii, Al. Kościuszki 21, 90-418 Lódź, Poland

A. J. van Loon Author

Affiliations and Expertise

Doorwerth, The Netherlands