An introduction for courses that involve some knowledge of glacial geology and sediments of formerly glaciated terrains. The early chapters describe depositional processes at modern glacier and ice-sheet margins relating sediments and landforms in recurring "landsystems". Later chapters portray the distribution of these landsystems in Pleistocene glaciated terrains of the mid-latitudes, focussing on commonly encountered problems in various fields from stratigraphic and sedimentological investigations to construction problems relating to roads and dams. The resulting text is a summation of a large body of literature previously accessible only to specialists. A substantial reference list is complemented by cross-references throughout.


For mid to senior undergraduate and college students in civil and geological engineering, geology, geography and environmental earth sciences.

Table of Contents

Glacial geology: a landsystems approach, N Eyles. The subglacial landsystem, N Eyles & J Menzies. The supraglacial landsystem, M A Paul. The glaciated valley landsystem, N Eyles. Landforms and sediments resulting from former periglacial climates, N Eyles & M A Paul. Glaciolacustrine and glaciomarine clay deposition: a North American perspective, R M Quigley. Glaciofluvial transport and deposition, A D Miall. Geotechnical properties of lodgement till, J A Sladen & W Wrigley. The distribution of glacial landsystems in Britain and North America, N Eyles et al. Engineering geological mapping in glaciated terrain, A Strachan & W R Dearman. Site investigation procedures and engineering testing of glacial sediments, S Somerville. Foundation engineering in glaciated terrain, W F Anderson. Road construction in glaciated terrain, J E Cocksedge. Dam and reservoir construction in glaciated valleys, M S Money. Hydrogeological investigations in glaciated terrains, J W Lloyd. Appendices. References. Index.


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@qu:...anyone with a general knowledge of geology, which must include glacial geology, will find it useful. @source:Conglomerate - The magazine of the North Eastern Geological Society informative and well-written account of glacial geology, which is a subject relatively neglected in the literature. @source:OUGS Journal