Geothermal Resources: An Energy Alternative

1st Edition

Authors: H.K. Gupta
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444418654
eBook ISBN: 9780444597083
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 1st January 1980
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Table of Contents



Chapter 1. The Energy Outlook


New Methods for Recovery, Power Generation and Distribution

Increased Utilization of the Limitless Energy Sources

Development and Utilization of Other Energy Sources and Techniques

Geothermal Energy — An Alternative

Geothermal Resource Assessment for the United States of America

Recoverability from U.S. Geothermal Resources

Chapter 2. Basic Concepts


Earth's Structure

Temperatures within the Earth and Heat Flow

The Source for Heat Flow Through the Earth's Surface

Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics

Chapter 3. Heat Transfer


Temperature, Heat and its Storage

Heat Conduction

Isotropic Solids

Anisotropic Solids

Heat Convection

Heat Radiation

Temperatures within the Earth's Crust

Chapter 4. Geothermal Systems and Resources


Types of Geothermal Systems

Vapor-Dominated Geothermal Fields

Hot Water Geothermal Systems

Geopressured Geothermal Resources

Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Systems


Chapter 5. Exploration Techniques

Geological and Hydrological Techniques

General Background

Geothermal Resources Associated with Igneous Intrusions in the Upper Crust

Geothermal Regimes not Related to Young Intrusions

Choosing a Prospect

Geochemical Techniques

Origin of Geothermal Fluids

Chemical Composition of Geothermal Fluids



Developments in Economic Geology, 12: Geothermal Resources: An Energy Alternative focuses on the consideration of geothermal resources as alternative energy sources.

The publication first elaborates on the energy outlook, basic concepts, and heat transfer. Discussions focus on temperature, heat, and its storage, heat conduction, radiation, and convection, temperatures within the earth and heat flow, volcanoes and plate tectonics, geothermal resource assessment for the U.S., and recoverability from U.S. geothermal resources. The text then ponders on geothermal systems and resources, exploration techniques, and assessment and exploitation. Concerns cover drilling technology, reservoir physics and engineering, geological and hydrological techniques, geochemical techniques, and types of geothermal systems. The book takes a look at the world-wide status of geothermal resource utilization and the Cerro Prieto geothermal field in Mexico, including geothermal manifestations, transportation of steam, and environmental factors and waste disposal.

The publication is a valuable reference for alternative energy experts and researchers interested in geothermal energy resources.


© Elsevier Science 1980
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