Geophysics in the Affairs of Man

Geophysics in the Affairs of Man

A Personalized History of Exploration Geophysics and Its Allied Sciences of Seismology and Oceanography

1st Edition - January 1, 1982

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  • Authors: Charles C. Bates, Thomas F. Gaskell, Robert B. Rice
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483278483

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Geophysics in the Affairs of Man: A Personalized History of Exploration Geophysics and its Allied Sciences of Seismology and Oceanography describes many of the key and intriguing developments which took place within several major fields of geophysics. This book is composed of nine chapters that focus on the geophysical enterprise as an interplay of technical, social, and economic factors. After a brief overview of geophysics activity before the World War I, this book goes on the period of the so-called ""golden days"" of exploration geophysics. The succeeding chapter deals with the exploration geophysics during the global war, particularly the classical seismological activity during this time. These topics are followed by discussions of the geophysical activities from 1945 to 1960, as well as the introduction of oceanography field. Other chapters cover the interaction between geophysics and ecology, as well as OPEC during the period of 1970s and early 1980s. The final chapters consider the status and nature of geophysical exploration industry. This book will prove useful to geophysicists, historians, and researchers in the allied fields.

Table of Contents

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    1. Some Antecedents to the Modern-day Profession of Geophysics Through World War I

    Diffusing Geophysical Knowledge

    Geophysical Forbearers Prior to the 19th Century

    A Brief Overview of Earth Physics - 1800 to 1919

    Artillery Location by Acoustic and Seismic Means

    Oceanography Simultaneously Becomes a Science and a Technology

    2. Geophysics Comes of Age — The Roaring Twenties and the Depressing Thirties

    The Golden Days of Exploration Geophysics

    The Appearance of Electrical Well Logging

    Classical Seismology Strikes Out on Its Own

    The Rebirth of Extensive Océanographie Endeavors

    3. Geophysicists at War - 1939-1945

    Exploration Geophysics During a Time of Global War

    Classical Seismology During the War Years

    Geophysical Detection of Enemy Artillery

    Influence Mines in Naval Warfare — A New Application of Geophysical Sensors

    Geophysical Aspects of Undersea Warfare

    4. Reversion to Peacetime, 1945—1950

    A Time of Transition

    Exploration Geophysics Bounces Back

    Classical Seismology Stays Much the Same

    The Opening of the Canadian Arctic

    Oceanography Comes of Age

    5. The 1950s — A Burgeoning Era of Geophysics

    A Short Overview of the Decade

    Correcting the Manpower Shortage in Exploration Geophysics

    The Geophysical Industry Grapples with Managerial and Technical Problems

    The Advent of Magnetic Recording and Electronic Data Processing

    Non-dynamite Energy Sources for Seismic Exploration

    A Seismic Search for St. Peter's Tomb

    Project Magnet — A Global Airborne Survey of the Earth's Magnetic Field

    Should there be a Nuclear Test Ban?

    The Berkner Panel on Seismic Improvement

    Meteorological Fallout from Escalating Nuclear Test Programs

    The International Geophysical Year

    Laying the Foundation for Earth-oriented Satellites

    Military Oceanography Thrives During "Peacetime"

    Geophysical Research Penetrates the Polar Basin

    The Oceanographers also Prefer Large-scale Projects

    6. Science in Government and Government in Science — the 1960s

    The Exuberant 1960s

    Bad News and Good News for the Geophysical Industry

    The Geophysical Industry Shifts to Digital Recording and Processing

    The Search for Appropriate Underground Nuclear Test Ban Language

    Project Vela Uniform — A Potential Solution to the Treaty Language Problem

    Creation of a Modern Global Seismological Network

    Vela Uniform's Research Program

    Are Bigger and Better Seismic Arrays the Route to Go?

    Tabor Pluto - The British Equivalent to Vela Uniform

    Research Explosions and Their Impact

    International Seismology with a Neutralist Flavor

    The Substitution of Plate Tectonics for Continental Drift

    Project Mohole Loses Out to the Deep Sea Drilling Project

    A Decade of Ocean Politics and Ocean Policy

    Earth-oriented Satellites at Last

    7. Geophysics Interacts with the Environmentalists and OPEC - the 1970s and the Early 1980s

    A Period of Controversy

    Boom Days Once Again for Exploration Geophysics

    Non-profit Geophysics Acquires a Political Hue

    The Good Earth as a Killer

    Is Mankind Modifying the Earth?

    By what Means will Geophysics Progress into the Future?

    8. Geophysics as a Business — Then and Now

    The Dollar Volume of the Exploration Geophysics Industry

    Role of the Individual Entrepreneur

    Growth and Proliferation of Geophysical Firms

    Corporate Profiles — General

    The Nature of Large, Full Service Contractors

    Compagnie Générale de Géophysique

    Digicon, Inc.

    Geophysical Service, Inc. — Texas Instruments, Inc.

    Petty-Ray Geophysical Operations

    Seiscom Delta, Inc.

    Seismograph Service Corporation

    Teledyne Geotech and Teledyne Exploration

    Western Geophysical Company of America

    Smaller Seismic Data Acquisition Firms

    An Exceptional Small Firm — the Dawson Geophysical Company

    A Unique Firm — the Geophysical Systems Corporation

    Some New Firms on the Scene

    Fairfield Industries, Inc.

    Geophysical Company of Norway

    Grant Geophysical Corporation

    NF Industries, Inc.

    NORPAC Exploration Services, Inc.

    Firms Specializing in Seismic Data Processing

    Teknica Resource Development, Ltd.

    Geoquest International, Inc.

    Other Service Companies

    Equipment Manufacturing and Supply Companies

    The Consulting Business

    The Business End of Gravity and Magnetic Surveys

    The Craig Ferris-E. V. McCollum Partnership

    The Gravity Meter Exploration Company

    Sigmund Hammer

    The Mineral Exploration Business

    Barringer Resources, Inc.

    The Industry's Prospects for the Future

    The Situation as Viewed by the International Association of Geophysical Contractors

    Manpower Issues

    The Potential for Continued Technical Advances and Discoveries of New Natural Resources

    9. Geophysics As They Saw It

    In Retrospect

    Some Major Personal Achievements

    Exploration Geophysics

    Earth Physics



    Personal Vignettes

    Teaching Geophysics:

    Comments on the Early Years of the Lamont Geological Observatory

    Learning Geophysics

    Geophysical Prospecting:

    Reflections on the Field of Exploration Geophysics

    Conception of the Common-depth-point Method of Seismic Surveying

    The Way It Really Happened — The Invention of the VIBROSEIS System

    Oceanographic Expeditions of Unusual Interest

    The Unforeseen Demise of Operation Skijump II

    The International Indian Ocean Expedition and its Scientific Aftermath

    Appendix A — Significant Events in the Evolution of Geophysical Service, Inc. and its Offshoot, Texas Instruments, Inc.


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    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 512
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 2013
  • Published: January 1, 1982
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483278483

About the Authors

Charles C. Bates

Thomas F. Gaskell

Robert B. Rice

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