Experts in general relativity, particle physics and mathematical physics discuss aspects of their recent research. The main emphasis is on the geometrical and algebraic methods used in solving a wide range of problems.

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Introduction. Classical topology and quantum phases: quantum mechanics (A.P. Balachandran). An approach to the quantum Hall effect (G. Bandelloni and D. Tommasini). The Schrödinger and the Dirac equation - linear, nonlinear and integrodifferential (A.O. Barut). Bases of meromorphic differentials on genus g Riemann surfaces and applications (L. Bonora, M. Matone and M. Rinaldi). Unification of BRST, Parisi-Sourlas and space-time symmetries (R. Casalbuoni). From superparticles to superstrings (ordering of operators in quantum theory) (V. de Alfaro et al). Nonlinear sigma models in 4 dimensions as toy models for quantum gravity (B. de Witt). Topological obstructions to pin structures (C. DeWitt-Morette). Global symmetries in BRST formalism (M. Henneaux). Generalized BRST quantization (R. Marnelius). Canonical theories from the group manifold (J.E. Nelson and T. Regge). Lorentz invariance in tangent space (J.E. Nelson and T. Regge). BRST cohomology and anomalies (R. Schmid). Perturbative string theory in BRST invariant formalism (P. Di Vecchia et al). Classical topology and quantum phases: quantum geons (R.D. Sorkin). Topology and quantum internal symmetries in nonlinear field theories (E.C.G. Sudarshan). Anomalies and superspace constraints in Green-Schwarz heterotic string (M. Tonin).


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