Developments in Economic Geology, Volume 17: Geochemical Exploration 1982 provides an outline of several significant areas of technical communications in relation to the mining industry. This book discusses the role of governments, universities, and industries in the search for and development of the natural resources. Organized into 56 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the significant role that technical communications play in everyday activities. This text then examines the geochemical case histories for soil and lake-sediment surveys. Other chapters consider the chemistry of deep ground waters from throughout the Athabasca Basin. This book discusses as well the uranium mineralization of the McClean Lake Area deposits, which can be described as belonging to two different facies. The final chapter deals with the application of factor analysis for the purpose of identifying areas potentially favorable for uranium deposits. This book is a valuable resource for scientists and mineral engineers.

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Presidential Address

The Role of Communication in Exploration Geochemistry

Presented Papers

Number Three Orebody, Ranger One, Australia — A Case History (Abstract)

Geochemical Exploration for Unconformity-Type Uranium Deposits in Permafrost Terrain, Hornby Bay Basin, Northwest Territories, Canada

Application of Hydrogeochemistry to Uranium Exploration in the Pine Creek Geosyncline, Northern Territory, Australia

Hydrogeochemical Exploration for Uranium within the Athabasca Basin, Northern Saskatchewan

Orientative Lithogeochemistry of the Archean and Aphebian Basement in the Key Lake Uranium Deposit Region (Saskatchewan, Canada) (Abstract)

The Application of Lithogeochemistry in the Search for Uncorformity-Type Uranium Deposits, Northern Saskatchewan, Canada

Geochemical Zoning Around the McClean Uranium Deposits, (Saskatchewan, Canada) (Abstract)

Geochemical Exploration for Uranium and Other Metals in Tropical and Subtropical Environments Using Heavy Mineral Concentrates

Stream-Sediment Geochemical Prospecting for Uranium in the Paleozoic of the Belgian Ardennes (Abstract)

Uranium Districts Defined by Reconnaissance Geochemistry in South Greenland

Uranium in Pacific Deep-Sea Sediments and Manganese Nodules

Ground-Water Geochemistry of Uranium and Other Elements, Monticello Area, New York

The Measurements of 226Ra/223Ra Activity Ratios in Ground Water as a Uranium Exploration Technique

Evaluation of Radioactive Anomalies Using Radium Isotopes in Ground Waters

Ground-Water Geochemistry in the Abitibi Volcanic Belt of Québec

Regional Hydrogeochemical Patterns in Ground Water of Northwestern Ohio and their Relation to Mississippi Valley-Type Mineral Occurrences

Hydrogeochemical Exploration


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