Since the Scots pine species is most important in Eurasia, it was considered necessary to involve authors from as many countries as was possible including Eastern Europe and U.S.S.R. During the 18th IUFRO World Congress in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, in September 1986, details were worked out for the contents of this book. This book is a truly international effort, prepared in the traditional IUFRO spirit of selfless co-operation. In all, 24 authors from 9 countries are involved. Each chapter was reviewed by two editors from two different countries.

Table of Contents

Preface. 1. Range of natural distribution (A. Boratyński). 2. Systematic position within the genus Pinus and intraspecific taxonomy (P.I. Molotkov and I.N. Patlaj). 3. Karyotypes and cytogenetics (Ž. Borzan). 4. Generative reproduction and genetic processes in nature (V. Koski). 5. Biochemical polymorphism (W. Prus-Glowacki). 6. Provenance variation in growth phenology (M. Giertych). 7. Breedings strategies for timber production (H.H. Hattemer). 8. Breeding strategies for Christmas trees (D.F. Van Haverbeke and H.D. Gerhold). 9. Seed stands and plus trees (E. Pihelgas). 10. Seed orchards (Cs. Mátyás). 11. Genetic processes in seed orchards (G. Müller-Starck). 12. Vegetative propagation (O. Montenuuis and C. Parnéaud). 13. Regulation of flowering in seed orchards (W. Chatupka). 14. Hybridization (G. Kosiński). 15. Progeny testing (D. Lindgren). 16. Inheritance of resistance to biotic factors (B.R. Stephan). 17. Inheritance of resistance to abiotic factors (J. Oleskyn). 18. Inheritance of wood properties (E.G. Stâhl and B. Ericson). 19. Inheritance of tree form (M. Giertych). 20. The value of early testing (J.-E. Nilsson). Utilization of improved material: a survey (J. Mikola).


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