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Introduction; Overview of Viral and Non-Viral Vector Technologies; DNA Integration for Monitoring Outcome in Gene Therapy; Multiple Treatment Cycles and Gene Therapy; RNA interference-based therapy for cancer; Targeted systemic delivery of therapeutic siRNA; Lentiviral-vector Common Integration Sites; Selective Replicating Adenovirus and Tumor Necrosis; Cancer Suicide Gene Therapy; Adenovirus-retrovirus Hybrid Vectors ; Electroporation gene therapy; Biomaterials-based technologies for therapeutics and imaging; RNA Inhibition gene therapy; Monocytogenes-based DNA Delivery System; Toxin based Cancer Gene Therapy; Overview: Rationale use of oncolytic virus in clinical applications; Clinical development directions in oncolytic viral therapy; Selectively replicating herpes simplex viral vector; Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus for Cancer Therapy; Lister strain Vaccinia Virus; Modification of Mammalian Reoviruses; Systemic Delivery of Oncolytic adenoviruses ; HIF-activated Oncolytic Adenoviruses; Overview of Immune Targets and Pathways; Overview of Gene Therapy with Gene-modified T Cells; Genetically Engineered (TCR) T cells for adoptive therapy; Viral-based Strategies for Combined Vaccine/microenvironment Modulation; Dendritic Cell Vaccines; Recombinant Poxvirus Vaccines; Provenge® and Genetic Fusion Vaccines; Lentivector Vaccines; In vivo Immune Gene Therapy of Solid Tumours; Chemotherapy Delivered after Viral Immunogene Therapy; Overview: selecting effective targets for gene therapy of cancer; Targeting Telomerase-expressing Cancer Cells; Adenovirus-mediated shRNAs ; Adenovirus-mediated SOCS3 Gene Transfer ; p53-based Cancer Therapy; Strategies for tumor-directed delivery of siRNA; Overview of Drug Resistance and Manipulation; Clinical Trials using LV P140KMGMT for Gliomas; Delivery of Liposome-mediated MGMT-siRNA; Cytidine Deaminase Gene Therapy for Recurrent Cancer; Tissue Specific Gene Therapy; Radiation Therapy; Overview of angiogenesis and target identification; Combin


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