Each volume of Advances in Pharmacology provides a rich collection of reviews on timely topics. Emphasis is placed on the molecular bases of drug action, both applied and experimental. Volume 40, GeneTherapy, features important new research on gene transfers and therapy in the herpes simplex virus, anti-tumor immunity, steroid receptors, cystic fibroses, and more.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* It provides an excellent overview on a series of topics on gene therapy for the serious investigator


Researchers and technicians in pharmacology, immunology, molecular biology, biology and oncology.

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S.T. Crooke, Advances in Understanding the Pharmacological Properties of Antisense Olignucleotides. D.T. Curiel, Targeted Tumor Cytotoxicity Mediated by Intracellular Single-Chain Anti-Oncogene Antibodies. T.R. Flotte and B.J. Carter, In Vivo Gene Therapy with AAV Vectors for Cystic Fibroses. J.C. Glorioso, W.F. Goins, M.C. Schmidt, and D.J. Fink, Engineering Herpes Simplex Virus Vectors for Human Gene Therapy. M.M. Hitt, C.L. Addison, F.L. Graham, Human Adenovirus Vectors for Gene Transfer into Mammalian Cells. A. Irie and K.J. Scanlon, Anti-Oncogene Ribozymes for Cancer Gene Therapy. G. Parmiani, Cytokine Gene Transduction in the Immunotherapy of Cancer. D.L. Shawler and R.E. Sobol, Gene Therapy Approaches to Enhance Anti-Tumor Immunity. J.H. White, Modified Steroid Receptors and Steroid-Inducible Promoters as Genetic Switches for Gene Therapy. H-J. Xu, Strategies for Approaching Tumor Suppresor Gene Therapy. C.C. Benz and J. Park, Anti-p185 HER2 Immunoliposomes. Chapter References. Subject Index.


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