This volume contains tabulated collections and critical evaluations of original data for the solubility of gases in molten salts, gathered from chemical literature through to the end of 1989. Within the volume, material is arranged according to the individual gas. The gases include hydrogen halides, inert gases, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and halogens. The molten salts consist of single salts, binary mixtures and multicomponent systems. Included also, is a special section on the solubility of gases in molten silicate systems, focussing on slags and fluxes.


For analytical chemists.

Table of Contents

Chapter headings and selected sections: Preface. Introduction to the Solubility of Gases in Molten Salts. Acknowledgements. He. Single component nitrates. Ternary fluorides. Ne. Binary fluorides. Ternary fluorides. Ar. Single component bromides. Single component iodides. Xe. Binary fluorides. Ternary fluorides. H2. Single component hydroxides. Binary hydroxides. Binary acetates. D2. Single component fluorides. O2. Mixed carbonate-chloride systems. Ternary oxides. N2. Single component nitrates. Binary nitrates. Ternary carbonates. F2. Binary chlorides. Cl2. Single component chlorides. Ternary chlorides. Multi-component chlorides. Br2. Single component bromides. Binary bromides. I2. Single component iodides. Binary nitrates. Binary chlorides. CO. Single component chlorides. Binary chlorides. Ternary carbonates. CO2. Single component nitrates. Binary fluorides. Ternary carbonates. NO2. Binary nitrates. SO2. Single component sulfates. HF. Single component fluorides. Multi-component fluorides. DF. Binary fluorides. HCl. Single component bromides. Ternary chlorides. HNO3. Binary nitrates. H2O. Single component perchlorates. Binary hydroxides. Nitrate Dichromate systems. D2O. Binary nitrates. H2S. Binary nitrates. NH3. Single component nitrates. Binary perchlorates. SiCl4. Single component chlorides. TiCl4. Single component chlorides. VOCl3. Binary chlorides. CH4. Binary nitrates. CHCl3, (CH3)2 CO. Binary nitrates. BF3. Multi-component fluorides. Molten Slag Syste


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