The book brings together, for the first time, all aspects of reactions of metallic species in the gas phase and gives an up-to-date overview of the field. Reactions covered include those of atomic, other free radical and transient neutral species, as well as ions. Experimental and theoretical work is reviewed and the efforts to establish a closer link between these approaches are discussed. The field is mainly approached from a fundamental point-of-view, but the applied problems which have helped stimulate the interest are pointed out and form the major subject of the final chapters. These emphasize the competition between purely gas-phase and gas-surface reactions.

Table of Contents

Preface. 1. Introduction and overview (A. Fontijn). 2. Chemical kinetics and dynamics of the mesospheric sodium nightglow (C.E. Kolb et al.). 3. A comparison between the oxidation reactions of the alkali and alkaline earth atoms (J.M.C. Plane). 4. Kinetics of the molecular oxygen reactions with sodium, magnesium and copper atoms (C. Vinckier, P. Christiaens and M. Hendrickx). 5. Kinetic studies of boron and aluminum species (N.L. Garland). 6. Homogeneous kinetics of metal species over wide temperature ranges: techniques, measurements and correlations (A. Fontijn and P.M. Futerko). 7. Reactions of group III metal atom with ethylene and carbon dioxide molecules: a matrix isolation study (C. Xu et al.). 8. Reactions of boron and aluminum atoms with small molecules (P. Marshall et al.). 9. Ab initio MO calculations of the thermochemistry of BX, A1X, OBX and OA1X (X = O,F,C1) (W. Chen, W.L. Hase and H.B. Schlegel). 10. Reactive collisions of A1, Mg, C and Si Atoms (C. Naulin, M. Costes and G. Dorthe). 11. Cooperative effects in ligand binding to metal atoms: the bonding in M(CO)2, M = Be, A1 and Ga and in Be2(CO)4 and Be(C2H4)(CO)n, n = 0-2 (K.K. Sunil, P.M. Bolkovac and K.D. Jordan). 12. Association reactions of transition metal atoms with simple molecules near room temperature (S.A. Mitchell). 13. Reactions of gas phase transition metal atoms with small hydrocarbons (J.C. Weisshaar). 14. The bonding in metal ion systems with multiple ligands (C.W. Bauschlicher, Jr. and S.R. Langhoff). 15. Comparison of main group and transition metal ion chemistry (P.B. Armentrout). 16. Reaction dynamics of ground state and electronically excited barium atoms (H.F. Davis, A.G. Suits and Y.T. Lee). 17. Effects of electronic excitation and dimerization of metals on product state distributions (J.M. Parson et al.). 18. State-to-state dynamics for the reactions of metastable Cu atoms with F2, C12 and Br


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