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1. Climates of the Future (A. Henderson-Sellers). Why consider the climate of the future? Focus of this book. Relationship to other reviews of the future climate. I. GEOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE ON FUTURE CLIMATE. 2. Modelling the Response of the Climate System to Astronomical Forcing (A. Berger). Climates of the past. Astronomical theory of paleoclimates. ``Snapshot'' simulations of past climate. Simulations of temporal evolution of climate. Transient response of a 2-D climate model to astronomical forcing. Future climates under astronomical forcing. 3. Warmer Worlds: Global Change Lessons from Earth History (E.J. Barron). Cretaceous warmth. An alternative warm climate: an Eocene example. 4. Catastrophe: Impact of Comets and Asteroids (M.R. Rampino). Theoretical estimates of impact-induced climate change. Evidence of environmental perturbations at the K/T boundary. Other geological boundaries: climatic changes and possible role of impacts. Impact-induced volcanism? Climatic changes caused by flood-basalt eruptions. Future climates? II. OBSERVATIONS OF CLIMATE AND FUTURE PROJECTION. 5. Observations from the Surface: Projection from Traditional Meteorological Observations (P.D. Jones). Development of instrumentation and meteorological observational networks. What surface observations tell us about the last 140 years. The last 140 years in a longer term context. Upper air data during the last 40 years. Explanations of the instrumental temperature record. Projections to the future. 6. Climatic Variability on Decadal to Century Time-Scales (H.F. Diaz, G.N. Kiladis). Climate variations in the past 1,000 years. Possible causes of climatic variability on decadal to century time-scales. Climates of the future. 7. Satellite Systems and Models for Future Climate Change (R.E. Dickinson). Global radiation balance and the role of clou


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