The aim of the biennial series of symposia on Fusion Technology, organized by the European Fusion Laboratories, is the exchange of information on the design, construction and operation of fusion experiments. The coverage of the volume includes the technology aspects of fusion reactors to provide a link to the technology of new developments and form a guideline for the definition of future work.

These proceedings comprise two volumes and contain both the invited lectures and contributed papers presented at the Symposium, which was attended by 556 participants from around the globe. The 312 papers in this volume, including 17 invited papers, give a broad and current overview of the progress and trends fusion technology is experiencing now, and the future for fusion devices.

Table of Contents

Invited Papers. Status and prospects of the European Fusion Programme (C. Maisonnier). The JT-60 machine upgrade and development towards the next step in Japan (H. Shirakata). Ignition with high-field compact tokamaks (J.A. Schmidt). Safety and environmental issues of fusion (R.S. Pease). The management of fusion waste (R. Hancox, G.J. Butterworth). Critical safety issues in the design of fusion machines (W. Kramer). Is the public's faith in fusion justified? (T. Wilkie). The physics of an ignited tokamak (F. Troyon). Pumped Divertors and limiters for tokomaks (R.W. Conn). Radio frequency heating and current drive - status and prospects for the next step (C. Gormezano). Neutral beam heating and current drive systems (D. Stork). Recent developments in superconducting conductors (B. Turck). Fusion materials research: problems, recent developments, present trends (H. Ullmaier). Recent developments from the European Tritium Handling Programme (B. Hircq). Future prospects for JET and next step tokamaks (P.H. Rebut). Overview and critical issues for the NET/ITER projects (E. Salpietro). Poster Sessions.. New Devices (74 papers). Safety, Environment and Public Opinion (74 papers). Fusion Physics Issues and Heating Systems (70 papers). Fusion Materials and Tritium Handling (78 papers).


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