Fusion Technology 1980

Fusion Technology 1980

Proceedings of the Eleventh Symposium, the Examination Schools, Oxford, UK, 15—19 September 1980

1st Edition - January 1, 1981

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  • Author: Unknown Author
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483137490

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Fusion Technology 1980, Volume 2 contains the proceedings of the 11th Symposium on Fusion Technology held at the Examination Schools, Oxford, UK on September 15-19, 1980. As a continuation of the papers presented in the symposium, the book begins with a description of the data acquisition and control in fusion technology. Subsequent papers presented focus on power supplies, plasma engineering, and fusion materials. Various reactor studies reported in the symposium are also shown.

Table of Contents

  • Volume I

    Opening Addresses

    R.S. Pease - Director of Culham Laboratory

    Message from Guido Brunner - Commissioner for Energy, Research, Science and Education

    R. Hancox - Symposium Chairman

    Invited Lectures

    Fusion and Renewable Energy Resources

    Euratom Fusion Technology Programme

    JET for Active Operation

    Large Superconducting Magnets

    The Zephyr Experiment

    Technology of Heavy Ion Fusion

    Materials Problems in Fusion Reactors

    Hybrid Reactors

    Design of an Engineering Test Facility

    INTOR, a European View

    Blankets & Shielding

    Lithium technology development for fusion reactors

    Comparison of calculated and experimental neutron attenuation and streaming data for fusion reactor design

    Thermoelectric MHD in fusion technology

    Activation and decay heat of an aluminum blanket for experimental fusion reactors

    Calculation of neutron and gamma-ray streaming through the neutral beam injector port of INTOR-J

    Transient analysis for fusion blanket power accidents

    Parameter study on poloidal response distributions in toroidal blanket geometries

    A conceptual composite blanket design for the tokamak type of thermonuclear reactor incorporating thermoelectric pumping of liquid lithium

    Compatibility of Li20 with impure helium

    Fusion blankets for high-efficiency power cycles

    Design studies of an aluminum first wall for INTOR

    NOEL - a no-leak fusion blanket concept

    Surface heat loads during major disruptions in INTOR

    Prompt radiation, activation, and shielding in the ignition experiment ZEPHYR

    First wall life prediction by the FWLTB computer program

    Measurements of tritium production in a lithium-aluminate blanket model and comparison with theoretical studies

    Main features of an aluminum first wall and non-breeding blanket for experimental fusion reactors

    Slowing-down as a neutron multiplication substitute for fusion reactor blankets

    Neutronic design study of WITAMIR-I

    Revised estimates of the tritium breeding performance of CTR blankets

    Shielding studies for the Culham Conceptual Tokamak Reactor Mk.II

    Vacuum Systems

    Dynamic response analysis of the vacuum vessel of JT-60 against saddle-like electromagnetic forces

    A tokamak model test against seismic vibration

    An eddy current test on a tokamak vacuum vessel model

    The thermo-magnetic transient in the vacuum vessel of a high field compact experiment

    Electromagnetic loads on the ZEPHYR vacuum vessel caused by hard plasma disruption

    New technologies applied to the vacuum vessel of ZEPHYR

    Vacuum pumping system of the JET-Torus

    Cryo-supply and transfer system for the JET neutral injection cryo-pumps

    The gas beaming effect in the JET neutral injection vacuum system

    Hydrogen cryopump operated near 2.2K for the PETULA tokamak

    Shield vacuum seal development

    Response of Zr-Al getter material to the anticipated TFTR in-torus environment

    Magnet Technology

    A toroidal bitter plate magnet for an ignition test reactor

    Numerical computation of electromagnetic forces on the poloidal field coils of a tokamak device

    tress analysis in the toroidal field magnet of tokamak devices

    A reliability test on a toroidal field coil by imposing force and heat simulating the actual load

    Design of rectangular coils for a tokamak

    Stray field prevention in SPICA II

    Stray field asymmetry due to the choice of the iron core geometry in tokamaks

    Stresses in the ignitor device: problems and solutions

    Some considerations on the stress analysis of the Swiss coil for the large coil task

    Test program on the insulation system for the JET inner poloidal coils

    3D-finite element model computation of the ASDEX divertor coils

    Operational test and final technical concept of the ASDEX multipole magnetic field coils

    Tape wound toroidal field magnet concept for ZEPHYR

    A bitter type toroidal field magnet for ZEPHYR

    Development of a copper-austenite conductor for the Zephyr toroidal field coil

    Nb3Sn strip superconductor in tokamak windings

    Manufacture and mechanical test of a "Tores Supra" model coil

    Development of large D-shaped superconducting magnet

    The manufacture of the JET toroidal field coils

    Mechanical design of the poloidal coils for a large RFP experiment

    Poloidal magnetic system for a large RFP experiment

    Analysis of some fault conditions for the poloidal system of RFX

    The design and development of the coils and cooling system for the DITE Mk II bundle divertor

    Finite element analysis of the mechanical behaviour of the LCT-coil under magnetic body forces

    The mechanical design of the Euratom test coil for the large coil task


    TRIPERM - a versatile experimental facility for studying tritium and hydrogen permeation at nuclear heat exchanger conditions

    Diffusion of tritium in ceramic blanket materials: the temperature dependence of the diffusion of tritium in 3-Li5AlO4

    The influence of oxide film growth on tritium permeation through steam generator tubing

    Helium purification by a tritiated water absorption system

    Evaluation of large-scale gaschromatography for the recovery and separation of tritium from the exhaust of tritium-burning tokamak fusion experiments

    Experimental Systems

    Mechanical technology unique to laser fusion experimental systems

    Technology for large tandem mirror experiments

    Design of the ERASMUS 2 tokamak

    Design and construction of the TCA tokamak

    The reconfiguration of Doublet III to facilitate a reactor simulation experiment

    Pulsed power supply and coil assembly of TPE-2

    The design of SPICA II

    A neutral beam-line installation for testing injector systems in the long pulse, megawatt regime

    Completion and start-up phase of the ASDEX tokamak

    An equipment protection and safety system for ASDEX tokamak

    The JET mechanical structure - final design

    Design proposal for the 2.0 MA RFX load assembly

    The manufacture and assembly of a conducting shell and vacuum liner for the HBTXIA experiment

    DITE status and upgrade proposals

    Reduction of vibrational interference from the iron core on HBTXIA

    Data Acquisition & Control

    Real-time processor for a tokamak

    Control, acquisition and data retrieval for the TCA tokamak

    Design of the control and data acquisition system for SPICA II

    Standardization of data organisation and management

    Acquisition, archiving, and analysis of Doublet III diagnostic data on a distributed computer system

    Control systems for sustaining neutral beam power supplies

    A distributed intelligence control system using fibre optics

    An automatic method for storing and retrieving raw data and analysed results

    Data acquisition for the DITE surface physics experiments

    The structure and support of a laboratory control and data acquisition system

    The engineering data system for the HBTXIA experiment

    Improved data acquisition system for TFR

    Progress in computer-assisted diagnosis, and control of neutral beam lines

    System design of ZENKEI, the central control system for JT-60

    Data acquisition and processing system for the HCN interferometer diagnostic at the TEXTOR experiment

    Microcomputer control of vacuum and gas filling systems

    Remote control and display for TEXTOR with a CAMAC-computer system

    Power Supplies

    The sustaining neutral beam power supply system for the mirror fusion test facility

    MFTF neutral-beam pulse power modulator

    High power vacuum tube technology applied to fusion systems components

    DITE Mk2 bundle divertor power supplies and control system

    Plasma current control system in JIPP T-II

    Power supply system of neutral beam injector for JFT-2

    A half megawatt RF system for ion-cyclotron heating of the ERASMUS tokamak

    Toroidal field circuit for a large RFP experiment

    A modular approach for RFX DC power supplies

    Some electro-technology aspects of HBTXIA

    Feedback-controlled power supply for the vertical and horizontal field of TCA

    High speed thyristor power amplifier control for JT-60 poloidal field

    A thyristor breaker of 1.5 M 10Y V.A. for the poloidal field system of Torus Supra

    The JET toroidal field power supply-capabilities and limitations

    Test results of the Heliotron E power supply and control system

    A 150kW low frequency oscillator for wall cleaning and preionisation of the TCA tokamak

    JT-60 ohmic heating power supply

    Optimized ohmic heating system with vacuum interrupter for the W VII stellarator

    The ASDEX overvoltage protection system

    A 2MJ drum-type homopolar motor-generator: developments and tests

    Interactions between the line connected static convertors of TEXTOR

    The grounding system of TEXTOR

    A storage coil adapted to a power pulse system

    Large flywheel generator - diode convertor for the JET tokamak

    Plasma Engineering

    Beamline system of neutral beam injector for JFT-2

    Design considerations of neutral beam injection system for an ignition tokamak

    Development of extraction electrode systems for 80kV long pulse operation on the Culham megawatt beam line

    Transient simulation analysis of gas feed into a NBI neutral cell

    Neutral beam injector performance on the PLT and PDX tokamaks

    Considerations and calculations for the neutral-injection system in ZEPHYR

    Physics design calculations for the JET neutral injectors

    High power-density steady-state heat sinks

    Investigation of the RF ion source RIG 10 for neutral injectors

    A new procedure for the design of the equilibrium-field-currents for non-circular plasmas

    Analytical evaluation of the inductances and dL/dR matrices in JET

    Plasma equilibrium control in Doublet III

    Experimental research on power supply and plasma control using simulator

    Operation of the ASDEX feedback system

    Plasma feedback control in JET

    Particle and energy unloading from a tokamak using scrape-off limiters combined with helical islands

    Heat removal in INTOR via a toroidal limiter

    Design considerations and lay-out of the JET limiters

    TRAIL: a tokamak rail gun limiter

    Limiters in the Frascati tokamak device

    Thermal consequences of plasma disruptions in TFTR and ETF

    Estimates on a helical magnetic limiter applied to INTOR

    High power RF systems for RFC-XX device

    Technical aspects of a grill coupling system for lower hybrid heating in the WEGA tokamak

    Application of torsional TTMP heating in PETULA tokamak - development necessary for large machines

    An all metal array of antennae for RF heating of tokamaks in the ion cyclotron range of frequency

    Start-up and heating of RFP reactors and large experiments

    Acceleration and injection of D2-pellets

    Conceptual design of cluster ion accelerator with moving potential wells

    Ion beam generation with an inverse reflex tetrode

    Reactor Studies

    A tandem mirror reactor with an inherent thermal barrier

    Energy accounting for heavy ion fusion reactor with various driver accelerators

    Culham Conceptual Tokamak Reactor Mk II. Conceptual layout of buildings for a twin reactor power station

    The effect of engineering considerations being accepted as the prime constraint in tokamak fusion reactor design

    A steady-state tokamak reactor with non-divertor impurity control - STARFIRE

    The Belt-Screw-Pinch reactor and other high-beta systems

    Inertial confinement fusion reactor systems

    Modeling of divertor flow for a reactor regime

    Electromagnetic transient effects in the structure of experimental fusion reactors

    An analysis of the estimated capital cost of a fusion-reactor

    Factors affecting the minimum capital cost of a tokamak reactor

    HYFIRE: a tokamak-high-temperature electrolysis system

    A high flux energy and particle collection scheme for divertors

    A "compact" reversed-field pinch (CRFP) reactor design

    Conceptual studies on high gain laser fusion reactor with magnetically guided Li flow

    Preliminary studies of the systems integration of NET/INTOR

    Preliminary investigation of burn control in NET-INTOR

    Neutron wall load, power density and pay-back time

    WITAMIR-I, a tandem mirror reactor with non-zero nu

    Fusion Materials

    Radiation damage simulation experiments on a Mn-Cr austenitic stainless steel in a HVEM

    Random walk of helium bubbles in vanadium

    Electron beam weldabilitiy of nitrogen strengthed austenitic structural materials for fusion magnets

    Irradiation creep and microstructural changes of stainless steel under light ion irradiation

    An aluminum alloy for a non-breeding blanket NET/INTOR

    First wall design and low-Z material development in JT-60

    List of Poster Sessions

    List of Discussion Sessions

    List of Participants

    Author Index

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  • No. of pages: 658
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1981
  • Published: January 1, 1981
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483137490

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Unknown Author

Dr. Sam Stuart is a physiotherapist and a research Fellow within the Balance Disorders Laboratory, OHSU. His work focuses on vision, cognition and gait in neurological disorders, examining how technology-based interventions influence these factors. He has published extensively in world leading clinical and engineering journals focusing on a broad range of activities such as real-world data analytics, algorithm development for wearable technology and provided expert opinion on technology for concussion assessment for robust player management. He is currently a guest editor for special issues (sports medicine and transcranial direct current stimulation for motor rehabilitation) within Physiological Measurement and Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, respectively.

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Senior Research Fellow, Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation, Northumbria University, UK Honorary Physiotherapist, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, North Shields, UK

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