Key Features

  • Vaginal Fluid Analysis chapter covers vaginal wet preps, a topic not found in many other references.
  • Case studies help you understand how key concepts apply to real-world practice.
  • Full-color images and photomicrographs show you what you should see under the microscope.
  • An image glossary presents 94 additional images to help you identify rare and common cells.
  • Multiple-choice questions at the end of every chapter allow you to test your understanding of the material.
  • A glossary at the end of the book offers quick access to key terms and definitions.

Table of Contents

  1. Microscopy
  2. Quality Assurance and Safety
  3. Urine Specimen Types, Collection, and Preservation
  4. The Kidney
  5. The Renal Function
  6. Physical Examination of Urine
  7. Chemical Examination of Urine
  8. Microscopic Examination of Urine Sediment
    Urine Sediment Image Gallery
  9. Renal and Metabolic Disease
  10. Fecal Analysis
  11. Seminal Fluid Analysis
  12. Amniotic Fluid Analysis
  13. Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis
  14. Synovial Fluid Analysis
  15. Pleural, Pericardial, and Peritoneal Fluid Analysis
  16. Vaginal Fluid Analysis
  17. Automation of Urine and Body Fluid Analysis
  18. Body Fluid Analysis: Manual Hemacytometer Counts and Differential Slide Preparation

Glossary of Terms

Answers to Study Questions

Appendix A. Reagent Strip Guide

Appendix B. Reference Ranges


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