Fundamentals of Adsorption contains 2 plenary lectures and 96 selected papers from the IVth International Conference, Kyoto, May, 1992. The topics cover a wide range of studies from fundamentals to applications: characterization of porous adsorbents, molecular simulation, adsorption isotherms, diffusion in adsorbents, breakthrough detection, chromatography, pressure swing operation, etc. Model studies on adsorption, surface characterization, microporosimetry, molecular simulations of equilibrium and diffusion, computer simulation of adsorption beds, and many theoretical studies are also included. Special attention is given to: bulk gas separation and purification, solvent recovery, bioproduct separation, environmental pollution control, methane storage, adsorption cooling and resources recovery.

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Plenary Lecture: Novel applications of adsorption technology (S. Sircar). Plenary Lecture: Roles of capillary condensation in adsorption (M. Okazaki). Simulated counter-current chromatographic bioreactor-separators (P.E. Barker et al.). Diffusion in zeolite adsorbents: measurement, modelling and structure - performance relation (G.V. Baron et al.). Computer simulation studies of the adsorption of Kr in a pore of triangular cross-section (M.J. Bojan, W.A. Steele). Evaluation of adsorbents for volatile organic chemicals (P.C. Chiang et al.). Molecular simulation of adsorption and diffusion in VPI-5 and other aluminophosphates (R.F. Cracknell, K.E. Gubbins). Adsorption and desorption dynamics of hydrocarbons, SO2 and CO2 onto activated carbon: rate mechanisms (D.D. Do et al.). PSA for air purification: experiments and modeling (D.K. Friday et al.). Sorption of ethene and propane and their binary mixtures in zeolites (J.A. Hampson, L.V.C. Rees). A new method for investigation of sorption kinetics of volatile multi-component mixtures on porous solids (J. Hille et al.). Hydrogen sulfide removal with pressure swing adsorption from process off-gas (J. Izumi et al.). Dynamic behavior in the diffusion of adsorbed molecules in the micropore of zeolites as investigated by molecular dynamics and computer graphics (M. Kubo et al.). Competitive adsorption of polymer chains at fractal surfaces (N. Kurata et al.). Chromatographic study of liquid phase adsorption of p-tert-octylphenol on octadecylsilyl-silica gel (K. Miyabe, M. Suzuki). Thermodynamic and kinetics data of sorption in zeolites determined by FTIR (W. Nießen et al.). Adsorption of water vapour on activated alumina (D.M. Ruthven et al.). Prediction of high pressure multicomponent adsorption equilibria (W. Sievers, A. Mersmann). An overview of adsorptive storage of


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