As the name suggests, this book discusses in detail the fundamentals and practices of dyeing and colouration of textiles. It covers academic as well as industrial aspects of colouration, defines problems and solutions. In spite of being precise, it takes care of interest of researchers, process & quality control. New developments and research in the area of dyeing, dyeing of micro-fibre, garment dyeing etc have also been included to keep pace with modern day requirements. Another unique feature of this book is that it is a concise compact text book containing chemistry and application details of all classes of dyes.

Table of Contents

Introduction to dyeing of textiles; Colouring materials; Dye–Fibre interaction; Dyeing with direct dye; Dyeing with sulphur dye; Dyeing with reactive dye; Dyeing with reactive H-E dye; Dyeing with indigo; Dyeing with solubilised vat dye; Dyeing with insoluble azoic colour; Dyeing with mineral colour; Dyeing with oxidation black; Dyeing with phthalocyanine dye; Dyeing with acid dye; Dyeing with metal–complex dye; Dyeing with basic dye; Dyeing with disperse dye; Colouration with pigments; Dyeing of silk; Dyeing of polyester; Dyeing of nylon; Dyeing of acrylic; Influence of fibre and dye structures in dyeing; Processing of micro-fibre; Dyeing of blend; Dyeing in super-critical carbon dioxide; Garment dyeing; Assessment of fastness of dyeings; Identification of dye class on cellulosics; Dyeing machineries; Waste-water problem in textile industry.


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About the author

J.N. Chakraborty

Dr J. N. Chakraborty is Professor and Present Head of Textile Technology Department at the National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, India. He possesses around fifty research papers published in reputed national and international journals. Dr Chakraborty’s experience combines both engineering and business applications in various industries. The innovation on room temperature vat dyeing of cotton using iron(II) salt-lig and complexes is a pioneering published work of him.