Frontiers of Biological Energetics - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780122254024, 9780323151931

Frontiers of Biological Energetics

1st Edition

Electrons to Tissues

Editors: P Dutton
eBook ISBN: 9780323151931
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1978
Page Count: 405
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Frontiers of Biological Energetics, Volume II: Electrons to Tissues contains most of the papers presented at the International Symposium on "Frontiers of Biological Energetics: Electrons to Tissues," held at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 20-21, 1978. The symposium provided a forum for discussing the common problems of biological energetics from different perspectives and from various levels of cellular organization.

Comprised of 84 chapters, this volume begins with a section on electrons and oxygen and covers topics ranging from the chemical constitutions and subunit function of cytochrome oxidase polypeptides to the structure and function of copper atoms in cytochrome oxidase. The next section deals with structural-functional approaches to membrane energetics and includes chapters that explore rhodopsin and bacteriorhodopsin in model membranes; the mechanism of free energy utilization for active transport of calcium ions; and the regulation of cytoplasmic calcium by liver mitochodria. The final section focuses on nondestructive measurements of tissue function, paying particular attention to phosphorus nuclear magnetic resonance of diseased muscle and extracellular oxygen gradients in shock, among other topics.

This book should be of interest to scientists from a variety of disciplines, including medicine and biology.

Table of Contents

Contributors of Volumes I and II


Part 4 Electrons and Oxygen

Cytochrome Oxidase Polypeptides: Chemical Constitutions and Subunit Function

Photoaffinity Labels for the Study of Cytochrome c and Phospholipid Interactions with Cytochrome c Oxidase

The Structure and Orientation of Cytochrome c Oxidase in Crystalline Vesicles

Are Cytochromes a and a3 on Opposite Sides of the Energy Conserving Membrane?

The Intra-Complex Electron Transfer From Cytochrome c1 to Cytochrome Oxidase and the Transient Appearance of Oxygenated Cytochrome Oxidase Compound I

Pre-Steady State and Steady-State Studies of Resting and Pulsed Cytochrome-c-Oxidase

The Magnetic Properties of Pseudomonas Cytochrome Oxidase

Structure and Function of Copper Atoms in Cytochrome Oxidase

EPR Probes of Cytochrome c Oxidase

A Model for the “Visible” Copper in Cytochrome c Oxidase

Electron Nuclear Double Resonance of Cytochrome Oxidase

Resonance Raman and EPR Studies of Cytochrome Oxidase Ligand Complexes

Heme a Models for Cytochromes a and a3 in Cytochrome Oxidase Resonance Raman Studies

Evidence for Two Porphyrins A Present in Cytoplasmically and Mitochondrially Synthesized Subunits of Cytochrome c Oxidase

The Role of Cytochrome P-450 in the Formation of Superoxide and Hydrogen Peroxide

Reactions of Superoxide with Metalloporphyrins

The Formation of Horseradish Peroxidase Compound I

Electronic Configuration and Electromagnetic Properties of Active Site Models for Oxidized and Reduced Plant-Type Ferrodixins

Crystallographic Studies of Flavodoxins: Some Correlations between Structure and Redox Potential

Evidence that Thenoyltrifluoroacetone Inhibits Reduction of Ubisemiquinone to Ubiquinol but Not Reduction of Ubiquinone to Ubisemiquinone

Enhancement of the Chemiluminescence of Perfused Rat Liver and of Isolated Mitochondria and Microsomes by Hydroperoxides

An Iron-Sulfur Cluster of the Hipip Type as a Component of Aconitase. A New Area of Involvement of Iron-Sulfur Proteins?

Further Observation on a Mitochondrial Metallocompound and on a Ferrous-EDTA-No Model Compound

Ferroactivator Protein Permits Ferrous Ion to Stimulate Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase

The Structure of Oxy Cobalt Myoglobin at 1.5 Å Resolution

The Iron Atom Displacement in Deoxyhemoglobin: A Spin-State or Nonbonded Repulsion Effect?

Characterization of High-Spin Ferric States in Heme Proteins

Sequence of Oxygen Binding by Hemoglobin

Dichloromethane as a Modulator of Hemoglobin Function

The Structural Determinants of Thermodynamics, Reactivity Differences in Methaemoglobins, and the Variability of Haemoglobin Affinity for Diphosphoglycerate Ion

Structural and Free Energy Changes in Hemoglobin Measured by Hydrogen Exchange Methods

Proton NMR Studies of Hemoproteins Substituted with Cobaltous Porphyrins

Picosecond Transient Absorption Spectra of Hemoglobin

Hemoglobin S Polymerization in the Photostationary State

Exhibition of Delay Time in Aggregation of Deoxy Hb S in Concentrated Phosphate Buffer

Part 5 Structural—Functional Approaches to Membrane Energetics

The Structure and Function of Reconstituted Ca2+ ATPase/Lipid and Photosynthetic Reaction Center/Lipid Membranes

Rhodopsin and Bacteriorhodopsin in Model Membranes

Molecular Biology and Energetics of Active Transport

Mechanism of Free Energy Utilization for Active Transport of Calcium Ion

Zeroing in on the Ionophoric Site of the (Ca2++ Mg2+)-ATPase

Ionic Interactions in the Calcium Conductance of Neurons

Carrier-Mediated Translocation of Cysteinesulfinate Across the Mitochondrial Membrane

Calcium-Anion Symport Systems in Mitochondria

The Regulation of Cytoplasmic Calcium by Liver Mitochodria

Charge and H+/Ca2+ Stoichiometries during Ca2+ Influx and Efflux in Rat Liver Mitochondria

Low Molecular Weight Ca2+-Carrier From Inner Mitochondrial Membrane

The Unique Ability of Picrate to Uncouple Submitochondrial Particles But Not Mitochondria is Consistent with the Chemiosmotic Hypothesis

Amphoteric Complexes of a Neutral Ionophore Having Tertiary Amide Ligands—A Model for Anion Binding to the Polypeptide Backbone

β-Helical Transmembrane Channels: Comments on Energetics, Structure, Monovalent, and Divalent Cation Selectivity and Voltage Dependence

Interaction of Gramicidin with Monovalent Cations

Cardiovascular Effects of Ionophores

Spin-Probe—Spin-Label Investigations of Model Membranes

Surface Potential Changes and pH Gradients Measured with Paramagnetic Probes in Illuminated Thylakoid Membranes

Proton and Hydroxyl Permeability Coefficients Measured for Unilamellar Liposomes

Control of Interactions of 9-Amino Acridine Derivatives with Beef Heart Submitochondrial Membranes

Potential Sensitive Oxonol Dyes: Model Systems to Organelles

Some Properties of the Extrinsic Probe, Oxonol-V, in Tissues

Potentiometric Probes for Simultaneous Optical Recording From Multiple Sites in Neural Networks

Measurement of Red Blood Cell Membrane Potential by Cyanine Dye Fluorescence

Features and Function of Lateral Motion on Cell Membrane Revealed by Fluorescence Dynamics

Part 6 Nondestructive Measurements of Tissue Function

Creatine Kinase Activities in Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle Measured by Saturation Transfer NMR

31P NMR Studies on Perfused Mouse Liver

A 13C NMR Study of Gluconeogenesis in Isolated Rat Liver Cells

13C NMR Studies of Glycolysis in Suspensions of Escherichia coli Cells

Phosphorus Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Diseased Muscle

Oxygen Electrodes—A Brief Review

Peroxide and Redox-Coupled Polarographie Enzyme Electrodes

Direct Measurement of Membrane Potential and Resistance in Giant Cells of Escherichia coli

Intracellular K+ Activity in Sheep Cardiac Purkinje Fibers

Pacemaker Currents and Paracellular K+ Accumulation in Rabbit Sinoatrial Node

Measurement of Extracellular Ion Activities ([K+])e, [Na+]e, [Ca2+]e) during Acute Coronary Occlusion

Extracellular Oxygen Gradients in Shock

Noninvasive Monitoring of Human Brain Oxidative Metabolism

Spectrophotometric Monitoring of Cerebral O2 Sufficiency and Circulatory Parameters

Shedding Light on the Awake Brain

Metabolic Responses of the Gerbil Brain Cortex to Anoxia, Spreading Depression, Carotid Occlusion, and Stroke

Two- and Three-Dimensional Redox Heterogeneity of Rat Liver. Effects of Anoxia and Alcohol on the Lobular Redox Pattern

Organ Spectrophotometry of Cytochrome P-450 and of Catalase Ligand Complexes in Intact Perfused Liver

Non-Destructive Measurement of Tissue Oxidative Functions: Measurement of Concentrations of Respiratory Enzymes and the Rate of Oxygen Consumption in Living Liver Tissue by Reflectance Spectrophotometry

Three-Dimensional Display of the Ischemic Region of a Rat Heart

Correlation of Isometric Tension and Redox State in Perfused Rabbit Interventricular Septum

Resolution of Ischemic Borderzone by NADH Fluorophotography in Isolated Perfused Rabbit Hearts

Nature of Flow and Oxygen Border Zones in Hypoxic and Ischemic Myocardium

In situ Measurements of Free Calcium with Metallochromic Indicators



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