This COSPAR Colloquium Series deals with the main achievements that were accomplished through the collaborative efforts among ISTP participants; the plasma dynamics of magnetic reconnection in a thin plasma sheet, the action of the solar wind on the plasma population in the plasma sheet and around the magnetotail boundary layer, the relationship between the substrom expansion region and the X-line formation in the magnetotail, and the temporal evolution of the dipolarization from from the near-Earth to the distant tail.

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Preface - M. Hoshino, Y. Omura, L. J. Lanzerotti Ten Years of Geotail and Its Current Status: A Brief Summary - T. Mukai CHAPTER 1: Magnetospheric Dynamics C. P. Escoubet and M. Fehringer, Cluster: New View of the Boundaries of the Magnetosphere M. Fujimoto, T. Mukai, and S. Kokubun, The Structure of Plasma Sheet Under Northward IMF M. N. Nishino, T. Terasawa, and M. Hoshino, Geotail Observation of the Cold Plasma Sheet in the Duskside Magnetotail S. Imada, M. Hoshino, and T. Mukai, The Dawn-Dusk Asymmetry in Magnetosheath and the Leakage of Energetic Electrons: The GEOTAIL Observation T. K. M. Nakamura and M. Fujimoto, Electron Inertia Effects in an MHD-Scale Kelvin-Helmholtz Vortex M. Nowada, T. Sakurai, and T. Mukai, On the Ion Properties within the Subsolar Magnetopause Current Layer: Dependence on the IMF Bz Polarity M. Nosé, R. W. McEntire, and S. P. Christon, Influence of Solar Wind on Source of Ring Current Plasma O. Troshichev, Relationship between Plasma and Magnetic Field Parameters in the Distant Tail A. Matsuoka, Compressional Variations Propagating in the Distant Tail Observed by Geotail on October 2, 1994 T. Sakurai, Y. Tonegawa, Y. Shinkai, and M. Nowada, Dayside Outer Magnetosphere ULF Waves Observed by Geotail K. Ishisaka, T. Okada, H. Hayakawa, T. Mukai, and H. Matsumoto, Application of Spacecraft Potentail to Investigate the Distribution of Low-Energy Plasma in Magnetosphere Y. Takei, T. Mukai, Y. Saito, H. Hayakawa, and K. Tsuruda, Geotail Study of Comparison between the Double-Probe Electric Fields and the Convection Electric Fields in the Distant Tail


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