From Gene to Protein: Information Transfer in Normal and Abnormal Cells

From Gene to Protein: Information Transfer in Normal and Abnormal Cells

1st Edition - January 1, 1979

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  • Editor: Thomas Russell
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323143707

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Miami Winter Symposia, Volume 16: From Gene to Protein: Information Transfer in Normal and Abnormal Cells presents the expression and processing of genetic information at the levels of both proteins and nucleic acids. This book deals with the reassembly and mobilization of genetic information. Organized into 105 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the discovery of the double helix and the search for the genetic code and the three-dimensional structure of protein. This text then examines the molecular mechanism by which steroid hormones regulate specific gene expression. Other chapters consider the possible hazards inherent to hybrid DNA technology. This book discusses as well the various problems of gene control in higher organisms, which are illustrated by the changes that occur in the hemoglobin of mammals. The final chapter deals with the characterization of adenovirus-2 mRNAs. This book is a valuable resource for biochemists, genetic engineers, enzymologists, scientists, geneticists, and molecular biologists.

Table of Contents

  • Speakers, Chairman, and Discussants


    How to Live with a Golden Helix

    The Ovomucoid Gene: Organization, Structure, and Regulation

    Structural Organization and Expression of Ovalbumin and Related Chicken Genes

    An Endonuclease-Sensitive Region in Simian Virus 40 Chromatin

    Expression of Cloned Viral and Chromosomal Plasmid-Linked DNA in Cognate Host Cells

    The Arrangement, Rearrangement, and Origin of Immunoglobulin Genes

    The Structure and Expression of Normal and Abnormal Globin Genes

    Genomic Clones from Unfractionated DNA

    The Processing of Messenger RNA and the Determination of Its Relative Abundance

    Steps in Processing of mRNA: Implications for Gene Regulation

    5'-Capping and Eukaryotic mRNA Function

    Splice Patterns of Adenovirus and Adenovirus-SV40 Mosaic RNA's

    Processing of Bacteriophage T7 RNAs by RNase III

    Regulation of Promoter Selection by RNA Polymerases

    Synthesis and Maturation of Transmembrane Viral Glycoproteins

    The Control of Protein Synthesis in Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysates

    Determinants in Protein Topology

    Precursors in the Biosynthesis of Insulin and Other Peptide Hormones

    Biosynthesis and Processing of Glycoproteins

    The Enzymatic Conversion of Membrane and Secretory to Glycoproteins

    Oligosaccharide Processing during Glycoprotein Biosynthesis

    Structural Basis of the Regulation of Galactosyltransferase

    Specificity Considerations Relevant to Protein Kinase Activation and Function

    The Role of Protein Phosphorylation in the Coordinated Control of Intermediary Metabolism

    Protein Phosphatase C: Properties, Specificity, and Structural Relationship to a Larger Holoenzyme

    Regulation of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase by Phosphorylation/Dephosphorylation

    Allosteric Control of E. coli Glutamine Synthetase is Mediated by a Bicyclic Nucleotidylation Cascade System

    Poly(ADP-Ribose) and ADP-Ribosylation of Proteins

    Free Communications

    Identification of Two Collagen RNAs Larger than α1 and α2 Collagen mRNAs which Are Decreased in Transformed Cells

    Processing of RNA in Bacteria

    The Protein Moieties of the Nonpolysomal Cytoplasmic (Free) mRNP Complexes of Embryonic Chicken Muscle

    Complex Oligosaccharides Assembled on Lipid Intermediates: Studies with UDP-N-Acetylglucosamine and GDP-Mannose

    Is There a Different Mode of DNA Synthesis in Normal and Transformed Human Diploid Fibroblasts?

    A Study of the DNA Region Coding for Initiation of Precursor rRNA Transcription in Lytechinus variegatus

    A Lectin Resistant Variant of Mouse Fibroblasts with Altered Cell Surface Galactose

    Alterations in the Rate of Protein Synthesis of Polysomes Extracted from Fibroblasts of Patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Carriers of the Disease

    Biosynthesis of the Small Nuclear RNAs in a Cell-Free System from Mouse Myeloma Cells

    A Shared Control Mechanism for Regulation of Adenovirus and SV40 Gene Expression

    In Vitro Synthesis of Virus-Specific RNA Using Transcriptional Complex Isolated from Adenovirus-Infected Cells

    Gene Expression of Mammalian Lens Tissue: Coexistence and Properties of Poly(A)-Containing and Poly(A)-Lacking 10S and 14S mRNA Species

    Gene Expression of Mammalian Lens Tissue: Is Lens mRNA Bicistronic?

    The Expression of α-Fetoprotein Gene in Normal and Neoplastic Rat Liver

    Nuclear Phosphoprotein Phosphatase from Calf Liver

    Chemically Induced Gene Expression: The Role of Histone Hyperacetylation in Transformation by SV40 Minichromatin

    Transcription of the Histone mRNA Precursor during the Cell Cycle

    Characterization of a Cytoplasmic Poly(A)-Protein Complex: Endproduct or Byproduct of Messenger RNA Metabolism?

    Factors which Influence the Nα-Acetylation of ACTH and Fragments of ACTH

    Instability of Higher Plant Chromosomal DNA Molecularly Cloned in E. coli via Recombinant Plasmids

    Translation of Endogenous Non-IgG and IgG Messenger RNA in Human Leukemic Plasma Cells after Treatment with Several Alkylating Agents

    The in situ Phosphorylation of the α-Subunit of eIF-2 in Reticulocyte Lysates Inhibited by Heme Deficiency, dsRNA, GSSG, or the Heme-Regulated Inhibitor

    Purification of Arginyl- and Lysyl-tRNA Synthetases from Rat Liver: Evidence of Glycoproteins

    Mammalian Cell Nuclear RNA Ligase Activity

    Multiple Forms of α2u Globulin in the Rat Studied in Vivo and in Primary Cultures of Adult Hepatocytes

    Biosynthesis of Lysosomal Enzymes in Diploid Human Fibroblasts

    Isolation and Partial Characterization of ß-like Globin Genes from Total Genomic Goat DNA

    Regulation of Metallothionein Synthesis in Cultured Mammalian Cells: Induction, Deinduction, and Superinduction

    A Class of Highly Repeated DNA Sequences Ubiquitous to the Human Genome

    Regulation of HMG-CoA Reductase and Reductase Kinase by Reversible Phosphorylation

    Structure and Expression of the Alpha Fetoprotein Gene

    Control of eIF-2 Phosphorylation in Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysate

    Organization of Immunoglobulin Kappa Light Chain Genes in Germ Line and Somatic Cells

    Cloning of Fragments of the Sea Urchin Histone Gene Cluster with SV40 DNA as a Vector

    Regulation by Metabolites of Inactivating and Additional Phosphorylation Reactions in the Pig Heart Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex

    Cyclic AMP Stimulation of Ribosomal Phosphoprotein Phosphatase Activity

    Unusual Genome Organization of Neurospora crassa

    Cloning and Characterization of Alleles of the Natural Ovalbumin Gene Created by Mutations in the Intervening Sequences

    Differential Influence of mRNA Cap Metabolism on Protein Synthesis in Differentiating Embryonic Chick Lens Cells

    Molecular Studies of Retrodifferentiation Phenomena in Proliferation-Competent Adult Hepatocyte Cultures

    Role of Protein Synthesis in the Replication of the "Killer Virus" of Yeast

    Effects of the Catalytic Subunit of Protein Kinase II from Reticulocytes and Bovine Heart Muscle on Protein Phosphorylation and Protein Synthesis in Reticulocyte Lysates

    Functional Heterogeneity in the RNAs of TYMV Virions

    Subcellular Distribution of SV40T Antigen Species in Various Cell Lines

    Hormonal Regulation of Protein Biosynthesis in Rat Epididymal Fat Cells: Stimulation by Insulin, Inhibition by Fasting, and Permissive Effects of Adrenal Glucocorticoids

    Reversal of Posttranslational Tyrosylation of Tubulin

    Salt-Dependent Transcriptional Specificity of T7 RNA Polymerase

    Differential Sensitivity of Inhibition of Cyclic AMP Phosphodiesterase in the Thymus during Murine Leukemogenesis

    In Vivo Subnuclear Distribution of Larger than Tetrameric Polyadenosine Diphosphoribose in Rat Liver

    Processing and Transport of RNA following Mitogenic Stimulation of Human Lymphocytes

    Identification of Drosophila 2S rRNA as the 3'-Part of 5.8S rRNA

    Facilitation by Pyrimidine Nucleosides and Hypoxanthine of MNNG Mutagenesis in Chinese Hamster Cells

    Noncoding Inserts in Hemoglobin and Simian Virus 40 Genes Are Bounded by Self-Complementary Regions

    A Variant of Polyoma Virus Altered in Its Processing of Late Viral RNA

    Protease-Mediated Morphological Changes Induced by Treatment of Transformed Chick Fibroblasts with a Tumor Promoter: Evidence for Direct Catalytic Involvement of Plasminogen Activator

    Recovery of a Transforming Virus from AKR Mouse Tumor Tissue by DNA Transfection

    Synthesis and Posttranslational Modification of Retrovirus Precursor Polyproteins Encoded by gag and env Genes

    Avian Myeloblastosis Virus (AMV) Linear Duplex DNA: In Vitro Enzymatic Synthesis and Structural Organization Analysis

    Studies on the DNA-Directed in Vitro Synthesis of Bacterial Elongation Factor TU

    In Vitro Transcription of Ad2 DNA by Eukaryotic RNA Polymerases II. I. Kinetics of Formation of Stable Binary Complexes at Specific Sites

    Characterization of Human Fetal γ Globin DNA

    Phosphorylation and Inactivation of Glycogen Synthase by a Ca2+ CDR-Dependent Kinase

    A Polypeptide in Initiation Factor Preparations That Recognizes the 5'-Terminal Cap in Eukaryotic mRNA

    Location and Sequence of a Putative Promoter for the B Gene of Bacteriophage S13

    Regulation of Protein Synthesis: Role of NAD+ and Sugar Phosphates in Lysed Rabbit Reticulocytes

    The Effect of Cortisol on Glucocorticoid "Resistant" Thymocytes

    The Effects of Streptococcus pneumoniae Infection on Hepatic Messenger RNA Production

    Identification of Putative Precursors of Ovalbumin and Ovomucoid Messenger RNAs

    Purification of mRNA Guanylyl Transferase from HeLa Cells

    Emergence of Resistance to Glucocorticoid Hormones in Cancer Cells: Detection of Differences in Proteins Synthesized by Glucocorticoid-Sensitive and -Resistant Mouse P1798 Lymphosarcoma Cells

    Complexity and Diversity of Polysomal and Informosomal mRNA from Chinese Hamster Cells

    Characterization of a Virion-Associated RNA Polymerase from Killer Yeast

    In Vitro Transcription of Ad2 DNA by Eukaryotic RNA Polymerases II. II. Transcription from Stable Binary Complexes

    Mouse Fetal Hemoglobin Synthesis in Murine Erythroleukemic Cells

    Spectroscopic Probes for Study of Gene Transcription

    Positive Transcriptional Control of Inducible Galactose Pathway Enzymes in Yeast

    Localization and Characterization of the 5' End of Adenovirus-2 Fiber mRNA

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  • No. of pages: 668
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1979
  • Published: January 1, 1979
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323143707

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