Freshwater Fish Distribution

1st Edition

Print ISBN: 9780120931569
eBook ISBN: 9780080532011
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 15th August 2001
Page Count: 604
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This book clearly identifies nearly 170 families of fishes through the use of high-quality illustrations and includes an accurate account of selected members of that particular fish family, as well as a distribution map and accompanying commentary on classification, distribution, and diversity.

Key Features

Key Features

  • High-quality illustrations of representatives from each family
  • Distribution map provided for each family
  • Commentary for each family


Ichthyologists, fishery scientists, wildlife biologists, biogeographers, tropical fish hobbyists, and anyone interested in the natural history of aquatic vertebrates.

Table of Contents

Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Pronunciation of Family Names Families and Maps Agnatha—Jawless Fishes Petromyzontidae—Lampreys Geotriidae—Pouched Lamprey Mordaciidae—Southern Hemisphere Lampreys Gnathostomata—Jawed Fishes Chondrichthyes—Cartilaginous Fishes Carcharhinidae—Requiem Sharks Potamotrygonidae—River Stingrays Dasyatidae—Whiptail Stingrays Sarcopterygii—Lungfishes Ceratodontidae—Australian Lungfish Lepidosirenidae—South American Lungfish Protopteridae—African Lungfishes Actinopterygii—Ray-Finned Fishes Polypteridae—Bichirs Acipenseridae—Sturgeons Polyodontidae—Paddlefishes Lepisosteidae—Gars Amiidae—Bowfin Osteoglossidae—Bonytongues Pantodontidae—Butterflyfish Hiodontidae—Mooneye and Goldeneye Notopteridae—Featherbacks Mormyridae—Elephantfishes Gymnarchidae—Aba Anguillidae—Freshwater Eels Denticipitidae—Denticle Herring Engraulidae—Anchovies Pristigasteridae—Pristigasterids Clupeidae—Herrings Sundasalangidae—Sundasalangids Kneriidae—Kneriids Phractolaemidae—Snake Mudhead Cyprinidae—Minnows, Carps Gyrinocheilidae—Algae Eaters Catostomidae—Suckers Cobitidae—Loaches Balitoridae—River or Hillstream Loaches Distichodontidae—Distichodontids Citharinidae—Citharinids Parodontidae—Parodontids Curimatidae—Curimatids Prochilodontidae—Prochilodontids Anostomidae—Anostomids, Headstanders Chilodontidae—Chilodontids, Headstanders Crenuchidae—Crenuchids, South American Darters Hemiodontidae—Hemiodontids Alestidae—African Characins or Tetras Gasteropelecida


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"Freshwater Fish Distribution is a worthwhile reference. The book is clearly written and it fulfills the objectives stated by the author." —Noel M. Burkhead for JOURNAL OF THE NORTH AMERICAN BENTHOLOGICAL SOCIETY (January 2003) " excellent guide to the distribution of fishes in fresh informative text...highly recommended [for] all those interested in fish, including students and professionals." —Joseph S. Nelson, University of Alberta "...vast improvement...filled with just those nuggets of information that every professor will want to pass on to their student. ...reflect[s] the major changes in classification that have taken place over the last 20 years." --Bruce B. Collette, National Museum of Natural History "...of critical importance to anyone interested in fishes and biogeography." --Gene Helfman, University of Georgia