Freedom to Practise

1st Edition

The Development of Patient-centred Nursing


  • Alison Binnie
  • Angie Titchen
    • Print ISBN 9780750640756


    Traditional values and attitudes still influence current nursing practice although the role of the nurse at all levels is changing. Nurses are under great pressure to improve the quality of patient care and to make their service more responsive to individual needs. The process of this change is not without its own problems and until now, little guidance has been offered to nurses on how to implement patient-centred care within current clinical practice. Drawing on some unique action research with many real life examples, 'Freedom to Practise' identifies practical strategies for making step-by-step changes and improvements to patient care irrespective of specialty.

    · A comprehensive insight into the changing culture of ward life
    · Helps the nurse to analyse current practice and effectively implement changes
    · Presents strategies for the development of patient-centred practice on the ward
    · An essential guide for nurses of all levels who wish to develop their careers in nursing

    'Within the context of my thirty plus years of experience in this particular field, I have never read a more thorough, more interesting, or more practical discussion of the practice development process.' Marie Manthey.

    Table of Contents

    CONTENTS: List of Stories; Foreword by Marie Manthey; Acknowledgements; PART ONE: Introduction: The research and development project; The structure of the book; Background Issues: Practice issues; Traditional nursing; Individualized nursing; Patient-centred nursing; Research issues; Origins and context of the study: Practice background; The research questions; Choice of Methodology; Key influences on the development of the action research strategy; The research strategy: The action research design; The observational study; The research partnership; Data collection methods; Practical Research Issues; Bias; Data analysis and theory generation; Generalizing from this study; PART TWO: The organizational journey: Introduction; Decentralizing the system; Developing new roles; The cultural journey: Introduction; Shaping ward life; Learning to work professionally; Learning at work; Caring for each other; The leadership journey: Introduction; Developing a clinical leadership role; Influencing and supervising practice; The practice journey: Introduction; Experiencing the challenge of nursing; Becoming a patient-centred nurse; The doctor - nurse journey: Introduction; Earning respect; Ward round behaviour; PART THREE: Principles for practice development: Introduction; Changing the practice philosophy; The process of change in practice; Investing in professional development; Some reflections on action research; Summary of principles for practice development; References; Index.


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