Free Electron Lasers 1997

1st Edition

Editors: J. Xie X. Du
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444829788
eBook ISBN: 9780080933535
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 20th August 1998
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This volume contains Part II of the proceedings of the conference on Free Electron Lasers, held in Beijing, August 1997. Part I appears in a special issue of Nuclear Instruments and Methods A.
The last 20 years has seen different stages of FEL development. In these proceedings the reader will find descriptions of many new facilities, new experimental results, new applications, new theoretical developments and new simulation results. Attention is also focussed on the recent progress in experimental observations SASE. The contributions are from 150 scientists from 13 countries, ensuring broad, up-to-date research results from a dynamic field.

Table of Contents

Preface. Part I. (published as a special issue of Nuclear Instruments and Methods A vol. 407/1-3.) Sections: I. FEL price talk and new lasings. II. Theory and modeling of FELs. III. Experiments in progress. IV. Storage-ring FELs. V. SASE and high-gain short-wavelength FELs. VI. Accelerator technology for FELS. VII. Optics and undulator technology. VIII. New concepts and trends. IX. Applications. Part II. Study of detuning effect in FIR FEL oscillator with Maxwell-Lorentz coupled 1-D equations (S.K. Kim et al.). Simulation of a regenerative MW FEL amplifier (R.T. Nguyen et al.). High power free-electron laser with narrow line-width generated from a MOPA (X. Shu). The features of CAEP FIR-FEL oscillator with strip gratings resonator (Y. Jiang). Gain of free electron laser for a combined helical wiggler with an axial guide magnetic field near magnetoresonance (J. Yu). Far infrared free electron laser efficiency enhancement with reverse tapering waveguide (E. Fu, S. Hu). Free electron laser saturated regime, cavity and energy modulation (G. Dattoli). Large harmonic radiation by post-accelerating the bunched electron beam (Y. Yang, W. Ding). Simulation of an infrared free electron laser on Tohoku Linac (B. Feng et al.). Michelson resonator for suppression of chaotic lasing in short-pulse FEL oscillators (R. Hajima, S. Kondo). Simulations of the LANL regenerative amplifier FEL (M. Kesselring et al.). Spontaneous emission in the Twente Raman Free-Electron laser (P. Zambon, P.J.M. van der Slot, W.J. Witteman). A tapered wiggler with pre-increased magnetic field (Y. Huang, M.C. Wang, Z.J. Wang). Profiling simulations of electron vs. X-ray beams in an FEL using a novel diffractive scanning wire geometry (R. Tatchyn). Tunable coherent radiation of ultra-narrow bandwidth with a short-pulse FEL (H.H. Weits, D. Oepts). A far infrared free electron laser with wavelength of 500-1000 &mgr; (K.-S. Hu e


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About the Editor

J. Xie

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IHEP, Beijing, China

X. Du

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IAPCM, Beijing, China


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