This volume in the Annals of Discrete Mathematics brings together contributions by renowned researchers in combinatorics, graphs and complexity. The conference on which this book is based was the fourth in a series which began in 1963, which was the first time specialists from East and West were able to come together. The 1990 meeting attracted 170 mathematicians and computer scientists from around the world, so this book represents an international, detailed view of recent research.

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Two Sequences of 2-Regular Graceful Graphs Consisting of 4-gons (J. Abrham, A. Kotzig†). A Survey of Self-Dual Polyhedra (D. Archdeacon). On Magic Labellings of Convex Polytopes (M. Bača). A Packing Problem and Geometrical Series (V. Bálint). On the Bananas Surface B2 (R. Bodendiek, K. Wagner). Structural Properties and Colorings of Plane Graphs (O.V. Borodin). The Binding Number of Graphs (M. Borowiecki). Note on Algorithmic Solvability of Trahtenbrot-Zykov Problem (P. Bugata). Cartesian Dimensions of a Graph (G. Burosch, P. V. Ceccherini). The Steiner Minimal Tree Problem in L2p (D. Cieslik). On k-Connected Subgraphs of the Hypercube (T. Dvořák). On Some of My Favourite Problems in Various Branches of Combinatorics (P. Erdös). Realizability of Some Starlike Trees (D. Fronček). The Construction of All Configurations (124, 163) (H. Gropp). (p,q)-realizability of Integer Sequences with Respect to Möbius Strip (M. Horňák). Vertex Location Problems (O. Hudec). On Generation of a Class of Flowgraphs (A.J.C. Hurkens, C.A.J. Hurkens, R.W. Whitty). The Weight of a Graph (J. Ivančo). On the Kauffman Polynomial of Planar Matroids (F. Jaeger). On Symmetry Groups of Selfdual Convex Polyhedra (S. Jendrol). A Remark on 2- (&ugr;,&kgr;,&lgr;) Designs (V. Jurák). On a New Class of Intersection Graphs (M. Koebe). Asymptotic Normality of Isolated Edges in Random Subgraphs of the n-Cube (U. Konieczna). On Bounds of the Bisection Width of Cubic Graphs (A.V. Kostochka, L.S. Mel'nikov). On Random Cubical Graphs (A.V. Kostochka, A.A. Sapozhenko, K. Weber). On the Computational Complexity of Seidel's Switching (J. Kratochvíl, J. Nešetřil, O. Zýka). The Harmonious Chromatic Number of a Graph (A. Kundrík). Arboricity and Star Arboricity of Graphs (A. Kurek). Extended 4-Profiles of Hadamard Matrices (C. Lin,


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