Foundations of Developmental Psychology - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780124323506, 9781483265834

Foundations of Developmental Psychology

1st Edition

Authors: Richard C. LaBarba
eBook ISBN: 9781483265834
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1981
Page Count: 560
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Foundations of Developmental Psychology is designed for the student seeking a comprehensive introduction to developmental psychology as a developmental science. The intent is to introduce the field in a manner comparable to the introductory courses that college students take in biology, chemistry, or physics. The emphasis is on the empirical and theoretical foundations of fundamental human development.
The book attempts to trace the origins and processes of various developmental events. Developmental phenomena are presented by topics rather than by chronological, age-related patterns of development. This arrangement of the subject matter provides for more efficient study, integration, and synthesis of the material, along with a more organized view of development. Key topics discussed include the genetic foundations of development; prenatal factors in development; the biological notion of maturation and its significance for development; motor and perceptual development; and cognitive, intellectual, language, emotional, personality, and social development. Although this text is written for undergraduate students in psychology, it can be understood by students in any discipline who have a grasp of introductory psychology and biology.

Table of Contents

Chapter One Introduction to Developmental Psychology


The Study of Developmental Psychology

The Concept of Development

Models of Development

Research Methods in Developmental Psychology

Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Approaches

Classical Designs in Developmental Research

Methodological Inadequacies of Classical Designs

Experimental versus Nonexperimental Research Methods in Developmental Psychology

A Historical Survey of Developmental Psychology


Chapter Two Genetic Foundations of Development


Historical Perspective

Physical Foundations of Genetics

Chromosomes and Genes

Cellular Reproduction



Molecular Genetics

DNA Replication

Gene Action and the Genetic Code

Tansmission Genetics

Gene Relationships and Expression

Monohybrid Patterns of Inheritance

Mendelian Ratios

Quantitative Inheritance

Environmental Factors, Gene Expression, and Gene Interactions

Penetrance and Expressivity

Modifier Genes

External and Internal Environmental Effects

Sex and Inheritance

Sex Determination

Sex-Linked Inheritance

Sex-Limited Genes

Sex-Influenced Genes

Developmental Behavioral Genetics

The Role of Behavioral Genetics in Developmental Psychology

Historical Perspective

Genetic Anomalies in Development

Inherited Defects in Humans

Chromosomes And Behavior

Autosomal Chromosome Anomalies

Sex Chromosome Anomalies

Turner's Syndrome

Early Menopause Syndrome

Klinefelter's Syndrome

Xyy Anomaly


Chapter Three Prenatal Factors in Development


Prenatal Development

Embryonic Growth

Prenatal Periods of Development

The Determination of Embryonic Age

Human Behavioral Embryology

Historical Perspective

Conceptions of Prenatal Development

Methodological Considerations in The Study of Human Prenatal Behavior

The Ontogeny of Human Fetal Behavior

Theoretical Issues in Behavioral Embryology

The Coghill-Windle Controversy

Intrauterine Influences on Prenatal Development

Principles of Teratology and the Concept of Critical Periods 142

Ionizing Radiation Effects

Drug Effects

Smoking and Alcohol

Maternal Diseases and Conditions

Perinatal Factors in Development

Low Birth Weight and Prematurity

Maternal Emotional States

Obstetric Medication

Effects of Obstetric Medication on Infants

The Brackbill and Broman Study


Chapter Four Maturation, Growth, and Learning Introduction

Maturation and Growth

Maturation and Learning

Historical Perspective

Environmental Influences on Maturational Phenomena

The Effects of Environmental Restriction

The Effects of Environmental Stimulation


Definition and Distinction of Learning Processes

Contemporary Status of Infant Conditioning Research

Basic Processes in Learning


Implications of Infant Habituation

Neonatal and Infant Conditioning

The Question of Fetal Conditioning


Chapter Five Motor and Perceptual Development


Neonatal Reflexes: The Origins of Motor Development

The Development of Motor Competence

Developmental Trends in Gross Motor Development

The Question of Differential Motor Development

Sex Differences

Race Differences

Social Class, Intelligence, and Motor Development

The Development of Prehension

The Normative Sequence in Prehension

Environmental Influences On Prehensile Development

Perceptual Development

Historical Perspective

The Development of Visual Perception

Perceptual Prerequisites in the Human Infant

Form Perception

Pattern Perception

Depth Perception

The Perceptual Environment


Chapter Six Cognitive Development


Historical Perspective

The Development of Memory

Infant Visual Memory

Recall Memory

Concept Development

Concept Development in Childhood

Preconceptual Development

The Concept of Conservation

The Conservation Problem

Concept Training

Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

Principles of Genetic Epistemology

Evaluation of Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

The Cumulative Learning Model of Cognitive Development


Chapter Seven Language Development


Historical Perspective

The Phylogenesis of Language

Comparative Primate Research

The Linguistic Competence of Apes

Theories of Language Development

Learning Theory Approaches

The Biological-Nativist Approach

The Cognitive Approach

The Ontogenesis of Language

The Basic Elements of Language

Prelinguistic Development

Stages in Prelinguistic Development

Syntactic Development

Roger Brown's Classification of Early Language Development

Factors Influencing Language Development

Sex Differences

Environmental Factors


Chapter Eight The Assessment of Intellectual Development


Historical Perspective

Definition And Theories of Intelligence

The Problem of Definition

Theories of Intelligence

The Measurement of Infant Intelligence

Characteristics of Infant Scales of Intelligence

Limitations of Infant Scales of Intelligence

Trends in Intellectual Development

Genetic and Environmental Contributions to Intellectual Development

Genetics and Intelligence

Contemporary Views of Genetics and Intelligence

Genetic Studies of IQ Heritability

Conclusions on the Heritability of Intelligence

Environmental Influences on Intelligence


Chapter Nine Emotional Development


Historical Perspective

Infant Temperament and Emotional Development

Temperament in Human Neonates

The New York Longitudinal Study of Temperament

Learning, Maturation, and Emotional Development

The Development of Fear, Smiling, and Laughter

Theoretical Considerations in Fear Development

The Development of Fear

Theoretical Considerations in Smiling and Laughter Development

The Development of Smiling

The Development of Laughter


Chapter Ten Personality and Social Development


Historical Perspective

Origins of Social Behavior

The Development of Attachment

Trends in the Study of Attachment

Theoretical Perspectives of Attachment

Attachment Research

Early Experience and Personality-Social Development

The Problem of Early Experience and Critical Periods

Animal Studies of Early Experience and Social Development

Social Separation and Affectional Systems in Monkeys

Early Socialization and Personality Development

Parental Discipline Styles and Personality-Social Development

Maternal Deprivation in Human Infants

The Maternal Deprivation Controversy

Later Socialization and Personality Development

Moral Development

Cognitive Theories of Moral Development: Piaget and Kohlberg

Social Learning Theory

Prosocial Behavior



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