Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production, and Workover

3rd Edition

All the Formulas You Need to Solve Drilling and Production Problems

Print ISBN: 9781856179294
eBook ISBN: 9781856179300
Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing
Published Date: 28th September 2011
Page Count: 304
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Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production, and Workover: All the Formulas You Need to Solve Drilling and Production Problems, Third Edition, provides a convenient source of reference for oil field workers who do not use formulas and calculations on a regular basis. This book is still intended for the entirety of their careers. It also aims to help reduce the volume of materials they must carry to the rig floor or job site.

Starting with review of basic equations and basic calculations, the remaining chapters offer in-depth discussions of topics such as drilling fluids, pressure control, engineering calculations, and air and gas calculations. The formulas and calculations are provided in either English field units or in metric units. This edition includes the Volumetric Procedure, the Lubricate and Bleed Procedure (both Volume and Pressure Methods), and stripping procedures (both the Strip and Bleed Procedure and the Combined Stripping and Volumetric Procedure). The Table of Contents and the Index make looking up formulas and calculations quick and easy. Examples are used throughout to make the formulas as easy as possible to understand and work, and often exact words are used rather than symbols.

Key Features

  • Back-of-the envelope calculations that save time and money
  • Easily evaluate the performance of your well
  • Confidently design or redesign operations that will improve production
  • Handle special production projects with ease


Petroleum Engineers, Production Engineers, Drilling Engineers, Completion Engineers, Operations Engineers, Drilling Managers, Operations Managers, Project Production Engineers

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter One. Basic Equations

    • Publisher Summary
    • 1.0 Terminology
    • 1.1 Mud Weight MW (lb/ft3), Mud Weight MW (ppg), and Specific Gravity (SG) [USCS/British]
    • 1.2 Density ρ (kg/m3 or kg/liter), Mud Weight MW (N/m3 or N/liter), and Specific Gravity (SG) [SI-Metric]
    • 1.3 Hydrostatic Pressure (P) and (p) [USCS/British]
    • 1.4 Hydrostatic Pressure (P) and (p) [SI-Metric]
    • 1.5 Pressure Gradient ∇ (psi/ft), G (ppg) [USCS/British]
    • 1.6 Pressure Gradient G (SG) [SI-Metric]
    • 1.7 Equivalent Circulating “Density” ECD (ppg) [USCS/British]
    • 1.8 Equivalent Circulating “Density” ECD (N/liter) and ECD (SG) [SI-Metric]
    • 1.9 Mud Pump Output Q (bbl/stk) and q (gpm) [USCS/British]
    • 1.10 Capacity Formulas
    • 1.11 Annular Velocity Van (ft/min)
    • 1.12 Strokes per Minute (SPM) Required for a Given Annular Velocity
    • 1.13 Control Drilling
    • 1.14 Buoyancy Factor (BF)
    • 1.15 Decrease When Pulling Pipe Out of the Hole
    • 1.16 Loss of Overbalance Due to Falling Mud Level
    • 1.17 Circulating Hydraulic Horsepower (HHP)
    • 1.18 Pump Pressure/Pump Stroke Relationship (the Roughneck's Formula)
    • 1.19 Cost per Foot
    • 1.20 Temperature Conversion Formulas
  • Chapter Two. Basic Calculations

    • Publisher Summary
    • 2.0 Capacity, Volumes, and Strokes
    • 2.1 Slug Calculations
    • 2.2 Accumulator Capacity
    • 2.3 Bulk Density of Cuttings (Using Mud Balance)
    • 2.4 Drill String Design (Limitations)
    • 2.5 Ton-Mile (TM) Calculations
    • 2.6 Cementing Calculations
    • 2.7 Depth of a Washout
    • 2.8 Lost Returns—Loss of Overbalance
    • 2.9 Stuck Pipe Calculations
    • 2.10 Calculations Required for Placing Spotting Pills in an Open Hole Annulus
    • 2.1


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"The third edition of this pocket guidebook (6x5.5″) for oil field workers is fully updated and revised to include references to the latest technologies and techniques. The work provides personnel in the field with practical step-by-step instructions for performing critical calculations for important drilling and production tasks. The volume includes equations for problems such as mud weight, hydrostatic pressure, pressure gradients, annular velocity, control drilling, and circulating hydraulic horsepower. Many entries include alternative calculation methods and example problems. The authors are academics and field experts in drilling techniques."--Reference and Research Book News