Forensic Pathology

2nd Edition

Principles and Practice, 2 volume set


  • David Dolinak
  • Emma Lew
  • Evan Matshes
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    Key Features

    • Comprehensive source on natural causes of death as well as toxins and trauma.  Separately covers adult vs. children.
    • Integrates an evidence-based approach to forensic pathology.
    • Contains over 2000 full-color photographs.


    Pathologists, forensic pathologists, medical examiners, coroners, forensic science students, law enforcement, crime scene investigators, attorneys, fellows and students of the medical sciences.

    Table of Contents

    VOLUME 1 (General and Adult Forensic Pathology)

          1. Introduction.

      1. Principles of death investigation.
      2. Systems of death investigation.
      3. Evidence-based forensic pathology.
      4. When forensic pathology fails…

          1. Foundations of Forensic Pathology.

      1. Death scene investigation.
      2. Evaluation of supportive historical data.
      3. The forensic autopsy – external examination.
      4. The forensic autopsy – radiologic techniques.
      5. The forensic autopsy – internal examination.
      6. Ancillary studies.
      7. Synthesis.
      8. The postmortem interval.
      9. Personal identification.

          1. Diagnostic Forensic Pathology - Natural Disease.

      1. Introduction
      2. Interactions between natural disease and non-natural factors.
      3. "Complications" of medical therapy.
      4. Central nervous system.
      5. Cardiovascular.
      6. Respiratory.
      7. Hepatobiliary and pancreas.
      8. Gastrointestinal.
      9. Gynecologic and obstetric.
      10. Endocrine.
      11. Blood and bone marrow.
      12. Infectious disease and sepsis.
      13. Allergic and immunologic.
      14. Acute psychiatric and emotional disorders.

          1. Diagnostic Forensic Pathology - Trauma, Toxin and the Environment.


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    About the authors

    David Dolinak

    David Dolinak is Chief Medical Examiner for Austin, TX. He has published and lectured extensively in the neurosciences and forensic pathology. In conjunction with Evan Matshes he has produced the very well received text “Medicolegal Neuropathology: A Color Atlas.”

    Evan Matshes

    Evan Matshes is the Assistant Chief Medical Examiner for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has published and lectured extensively in human anatomy and osteology, the neurosciences, and forensic pathology. In addition to his aforementioned textbook publishing, he was also a co-author on “An Atlas of Human Osteology”, released in 2000 in Canada.