The thirteenth Leeds-Lyon Tribology Symposium was devoted to the topic of Fluid Film Lubrication in celebration of the centenary of the publication of the classical paper by Professor Osborne Reynolds in which he identified the mechanism of hydrodynamic lubrication. These proceedings contain more than seventy papers, written by authors from all over the world, covering the entire spectrum of fluid film lubrication. Of particular interest is the detailed consideration of a wide range of machine elements - bearings, seals, cams, rolling elements, as well as the in-depth, state-of-the-art, analytical contributions.

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A selection. I. Keynote Address. Osborne Reynolds (A. Cameron). II. History. Historical aspects and present development on thermal effects in hydrodynamic bearings (M. Fillon et al.). Michell and the development of tilting pad bearings (J.E.L. Simmons, S.D. Advani). III. Journal Bearings. An approximate global thermal analysis of journal bearings (D.F. Wilcock). Negative pressures in statically and dynamically loaded journal bearings (S. Natsumeda, T. Someya). Mixing inlet temperatures in starved journal bearings (H. Heshmat, P. Gorski). Starvation effects in two high speed bearing types (D.T. Gethin, J.O. Medwell). IV. Thrust Bearings (1). Three dimensional computation of thrust bearings (C.M.McC. Ettles). Parametric study and optimization of starved thrust bearings (H. Heshmat et al.). Tilting pad thrust bearings tests: influence of three design variables (W.W. Gardner). An experimental study of sector-pad thrust bearings and evaluation of their thermal characteristics (T.G. Rajaswamy et al.). Hard-on-hard water lubricated bearings for marine applications (P.J. Lidgitt et al.). V. Thrust Bearings (2). Inlet boundary condition for submerged multi-pad bearings relative to fluid inertia forces (A. Mori, H. Mori). Pressure boundary conditions at inlet edge of turbulent thrust bearings (H. Hashimoto, S. Wada). Dynamic analysis of tilting pad thrust bearings (A. Benali et al.). Hydrodynamically lubricated plane slider bearings using elastic surfaces (C. Giannikos, R.H. Buckholz). VI. Elasto-Hydrodynamic Lubrication (1). Solving Reynolds' equation for EHL line contacts by application of a multigrid method (A.A. Lubrecht et al.). The use of multi-level adaptive techniques for EHL line contact analysis (R.J. Chittenden et al.). Solutions for isoviscous line contacts using a closed form elasticity solution (R. Hall, M.D. Savage). VII. Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication


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