Fluid and Particle Mechanics

Fluid and Particle Mechanics

Chemical Engineering Division

1st Edition - January 1, 1970

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  • Author: S. J. Michell
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483136158

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Fluid and Particle Mechanics provides information pertinent to hydraulics or fluid mechanics. This book discusses the properties and behavior of liquids and gases in motion and at rest. Organized into nine chapters, this book begins with an overview of the science of fluid mechanics that is subdivided accordingly into two main branches, namely, fluid statics and fluid dynamics. This text then examines the flowmeter devices used for the measurement of flow of liquids and gases. Other chapters consider the principle of resistance in open channel flow, which is based on improper application of the Torricellian law of efflux. This book discusses as well the use of centrifugal pumps for exchanging energy between a mechanical system and a liquid. The final chapter deals with the theory of settling, which finds an extensive application in several industrially important processes. This book is a valuable resource for chemical engineers, students, and researchers.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    1 General Principles

    1.1 Historical Outline

    1.2 Kinematics

    1.3 Units and Dimensions

    1.4 Force, Mass and Weight

    1.5 Density

    1.6 Pressure and Pressure Head

    1.7 Classification of Fluids

    1.8 Viscosity

    1.9 The Reynolds Number

    1.10 Momentum

    1.11 Kinetic Energy and Velocity Head

    1.12 The Equation of Continuity

    1.13 Bernoulli s Theorem

    1.14 The Flow Equation

    1.15 Hydraulic Gradient

    1.16 The Coefficient of Discharge

    1.17 The Concept of the Boundary Layer and its Significant

    1.18 Dimensional Analysis

    2 Flow Measurement in Pipes

    2.1 Classification of Flowmeters

    2.2 Manometers

    2.3 Inverted U-tube

    2.4 The Draught-gauge

    2.5 Venturi Meter

    2.6 Orifice and Nozzle Meters

    2.7 The Pitot Tube

    2.8 Area Meters

    2.9 Thermal and Dilution Meters

    3 Flow in Pipes

    3.1 Basic Resistance Equation

    3.2 The Darcy Equation

    3.3 The Poiseuille Equation

    3.4 Pipe Roughness. Moody Friction Diagram

    3.5 Flow through Gradually Changing Sections

    3.6 Flow through Suddenly Changing Sections

    3.7 Loss of Head in Pipe Fittings

    3.8 Siphoning

    3.9 Parallel Flow in Pipes

    3.10 Branched Pipes

    3.11 Average and Point Velocities in Pipes

    3.12 Economical Pipe Diameter

    4 Open Channels

    4.1 The Chezy Equation

    4.2 Circular Channels

    4.3 The Chezy Coefficient

    4.4 Optimization in Open Channels

    4.5 Optimum Proportions of Rectangular Channels

    4.6 Optimum Proportions of Trapezoidal Channels

    4.7 Maximum Discharge through a Circular Section

    4.8 Weirs and Notches

    4.9 Rectangular Weirs and Notches

    4.10 V-notch

    4.11 Flow at Variable Depth

    4.12 Specific Head

    4.13 Energy Loss in Hydraulic Jump

    4.14 Broad-crested Weirs

    5 Variable Flow

    5.7 Flow through Perforated Pipes

    5.2 Variable Flow through Orifices and Weirs

    5.3 Variable Flow through a Submerged Orifice

    5.4 Emptying Tanks through Pipes

    5.5 Discharge with Inflow

    6 Centrifugal Pumps

    6.1 Conversion of Velocity Head into Pressure Head

    6.2 Velocity Diagrams

    6.3 Theoretical Work and Head

    6.4 The Manometric Head

    6.5 The Capacity of Centrifugal Pumps

    6.6 Pressure Rise through Impeller

    6.7 Multi-stage Pumps

    6.8 Fans

    6.9 Geometrical and Dynamical Similarity of Centrifugal Pumps

    6.10 Specific Speed

    7 Compressible Flow

    7.1 Mach Number

    7.2 Sonic Velocity

    7.3 Pressure Drop in Long Pipes

    7.4 Pressure Drop in Short Pipes

    7.5 Variable-area Flow

    7.6 Subsonic Flow in Nozzles

    7.7 Critical Pressure Ratio

    7.8 Sonic Flow in Nozzles

    7.9 Variable Flow

    7.10 Pneumatic Conveying

    8 Flow through Equipment

    8.1 Pressure Drop outside Tubes

    8.2 The Chimney Effect

    8.3 Pressure Drop through Beds of Solid Particles

    8.4 Kozenfs Hydraulic Model

    8.5 The Carman-Kozeny Equation

    8.6 Specific Surface of Packed Beds

    8.7 Filtration

    8.8 The Theory of Filtration

    8.9 Washing in a Centrifuge

    8.10 Optimization in Filtration

    8.11 Packed Columns

    8.12 Pressure Drop in Packed Columns

    8.13 Economic Gas Velocity in Absorption Columns

    9 Particle Dynamics

    9.1 The Stokes Equation

    9.2 The Drag Factor

    9.3 The ψRe2 Diagram

    9.4 Hindered Settling

    9.5 Classification of Particles

    9.6 Continuous Sedimentation

    9.7 Centrifugal Clarification

    9.8 Separation in Cyclones

    9.9 Fluidization

    9.10 Accelerated Motion in Free Settling

    The ψRe2 Diagram



    The SI Units


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  • No. of pages: 350
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1970
  • Published: January 1, 1970
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483136158

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S. J. Michell

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M. Perry

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