Flash Mobile

1st Edition

Developing Android and iOS Applications

Authors: Matthew David
Paperback ISBN: 9780240815688
Imprint: Focal Press
Published Date: 24th February 2011
Page Count: 308


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Table of Contents

Section 1
Setting up Flash CS5 for Android Development
Project 1: Creating Your First App Using Flash CS5

Section 2
Rapid Android Development in Flash CS5
Project 2: Optimizing Animation, Audio, Video, and Component Use in Your AIR for Android Apps

Section 3
Developing Mobile Apps using ActionScript
Project 3: Building Sprite's 123

Section 4
Leveraging Custon iPhone and Android Interface Calls with ActionScript
Project 4: Building a Gesture-Driven Application

Section 5
Building Games with Flash for the Mobile Market
Project 5: Building a Mobile Game

Section 6
Deploying Mobile Apps with Flash CS5
Project 6: Publishing Your Apps into the Many Different App Stores

Companion website: www.visualizetheweb.com/flashmobile


Android, Google’s open-source mobile device operating system, is rapidly being adopted by many of the world's phone manufacturers and is predicted to surpass iPhone devices by 2012. Android application development is booming—the marketplace surpassed 70,000 apps and 1 billion downloads in July 2010. The iPhone initiated the rush to develop smartphone applications, but Apple’s refusal to permit Adobe Flash leaves the millions of Flash designers to concentrate their mobile application development efforts on the Android.

Developing Android Applications with Flash is in the vanguard of this new development with a fully illustrated primer to Android development using Flash CS5. Readers learn all of the essentials—from setting up their development environment to Android optimization techniques—all with the aid of practical tutorial lessons that deliver hands-on training.

Key Features

    Publication within weeks of Adobe’s release of the Android packaging utilities
    Full-color illustrations of UI and design implementations
    *Companion website with tutorial media and author forum


    Adobe Flash designers and developers using ActionScript 3


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    About the Authors

    Matthew David Author

    Matthew David is a specialist developing rich Web solutions using technologies like Flash and the latest Web design techniques. In addition, he works in online sales, marketing, and search engine optimization, with the aim of driving business to customer sites. Matthew partners with many companies as a business strategist, works closely with the World Wide Web Consortium Group (W3C), and is on Adobe’s Advisory team.

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Matthew David is a specialist developing rich web solutions using technologies like Flash and the latest web design techniques. He works closely with the Adobe Advisory team for Flash and Flex mobile development. Matthew speaks around the world at conferences and evangelizes on the importance to of HTML5 and Mobile to tens of thousands of people. He can be followed on Twitter at @matthewadavid