Fish Respiration synthesizes classical literature and highlights recent developments pertaining to the respiratory physiology of fishes. Compiled by a team of international researchers, this comprehensive and authoritative review of the respiratory physiology of fishes will appeal to any comparative physiologist interested in this subject.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* First volume in the series dedicated solely to the respiratory system * Contributors are world leaders in their respective areas * Includes completely up-to-date material on the topic of fish physiology


AUDIENCE:Fisheries biologists, physiologists, and ichthyologists interested in an up-to-date review of fish physiology, ecology, and evolution.

Table of Contents

Red Blood Cell Physiology and Biochemistry: Hemoglobin Structure and Function, F. Jensen, A. Fago, and R.E. Weber. Red Blood Cell Metabolism, P.J. Walsh, C.M. Wood, and T.W. Moon. Carbonic Anhydrase and Respriatory Gas Exchange, R.P. Henry, T.A. Heming. Oxygen: The Physiology of the Root Effect, B. Pelster and D. Randall. Oxygen Transport in Fish, M. Nikinmaa and A.Salama. Hematocrit and Blood Oxygen-Carrying Capacity, P. Gallaugher and A.P. Farrell. Carbon Dioxide and Acid-Base Balance: Carbon Dioxide Transport and Excretion, B. Tufts and S.F. Perry. The Linkage Between Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Transport, C.J. Brauner and D.J. Randall. Causes and Consequences of Acid-Base Disequilibria,K. M. Gilmour. Index.


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