Key Features

  • Assessment procedures and prediction of future abilities
  • Management of problems (including medication if appropriate) such as epilepsy, constipation, eneurisis, nourishment, difficulty with sleeping, crying, temper tantrums, sensory deficits and deformity
  • Stimulation, fitness, problem solving, compensatory strategies and ease of management

Table of Contents

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Foreword by Philippa Russell
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Chapter 1 Communication between parents and professionals - Revised by E Bower
Chapter 2 Preparing for and coping with hospital appointments, assessments and admissions - C Fitzgerald & T Kerr Elliott
Chapter 3 Medical aspects of cerebral palsy: causes, associated problems and management - D Reddihough
Chapter 4 The role of different brain-imaging techniques in the diagnosis of cerebral palsy - I Krägeloh-Mann & M Wilke
Chapter 5 Epilepsy in cerebral palsy - R Guerrini & S Pellacani
Chapter 6 Parents’ problems - J Bavin & E Bower
Chapter 7 Learning and behaviour: the psychologist’s role - M Gardner
Chapter 8 Emotional health - C Laver-Bradbury
Chapter 9 Parents’ contribution to early learning: developing a dialogue using touch, sight, hearing and communication - Revised by E Bower
Chapter 10 Understanding movement, both typical and in the child with cerebral palsy - Revised by E Bower
Chapter 11 Handling - Revised by E Bower
Chapter 12 Sleeping - J Beaumont
Chapter 13 Feeding - H Cockerill
Chapter 14 Lifting and carrying - J Graham
Chapter 15 Toilet training - AJ Wright & R Kelly
Chapter 16 Bathing - Revised by E Bower
Chapter 17 Dressing - Revised by E Bower
Chapter 18 Communication - H Cockerill
Chapter 19 Hand function and fine motor activities - D Green
Chapter 20 Gross motor development in children with cerebral palsy: what do we know, and how may that knowledge help? - P Rosenbaum
Chapter 21 Chairs, pushchairs and car seats - Revised by E Bower
Chapter 22 Aids to mobility - Revised by E Bower
Chapter 23 Play - Revised by E Bower
Chapter 24 Leisure and fitness - Revised by E Bower
Chapter 25 Deformity: growth and the problems of getting taller - D Scrutton
Chapter 26 Orthoses and Children with cerebral palsy - C Morris
Chapter 27 Spasticity -


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