Fingers and Thumbs

1st Edition

Toys and Activities for Children with Hand Problems


  • Roma Lear
    • Print ISBN 9780750625241


    Fingers and Thumbs is brimming with ideas for making toys from instant to long-lasting which will keep the child in your care amused for hours! It suggests ways of making play possible for children with hand function problems and encourages the child to make many different hand movements through play. Many of the toys are designed to improve basic skills and are fun for any child. Some of the toys can be made in an instant and some of the longer lasting ones require only basic needlework skills - anyone can make them! This book is like a collection of recipes - dip into it now and then and you should find a toy which is fun, motivating and will improve your child's hand movements. If you are a parent, therapist, teacher, nursery nurse or carer you will find this book a treasure trove of new play ideas and information.

    Roma Lear is a Froebel-trained teacher and started her career by working with children in hospital wards. Her innate creativity and enthusiasm led her to devise toy and games to amuse children with specific needs. She established a toy library, play groups and became a home tutor. Roma is an international expert on the subject of homemade toys and play ideas for children with disabilities and lectures worldwide.

    Table of Contents

    Acknowledgements; Introduction to the Play Can Help series; Before you begin; Making play possible; Highlighting hands; Toys for putting on hands; Holding on; Fiddle toys; Exploring with fingers; Pulling; Grasp and release; Stacking; Throwing and catching; Squeezing; Pinching; Pointing; Using both hands; Threading; Buttons


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