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In memory of Ray B. Krone. Preface. Prediction of cohesive sediment transport modelling and bed dynamics in estuaries and coastal zones with integrated numerical simulation models (J.E. Berlamont). 1. COSINUS tasks A through D summaries. Interaction of suspended cohesive sediment and turbulence (E.A. Toorman et al.). Flocculation and settling velocity of fine sediment (J.C. Winterwerp et al.). Dynamics of Concentrated Benthic Suspension Layers (J.C. Winterwerp et al.). Measurement and modelling of the properties of cohesive sediment deposits (M.P. Dearnaley et al.). Numerical simulation of cohesive transport: intercomparison of several numerical models (D. Violea et al.). 2. High-concentrated mud suspensions. Tidal asymmetry and variability of bed shear stress and sediment bed flux at a site in San Francisco Bay, USA (M.L. Brennan et al.). Physical modelling of entrainment by a Concentrated Benthic Suspension (A.W. Bruens et al.). Interfacial instabilities at the lutocline in the Jiaojiang estuary, China (J. Jiang, A.H. Mehta). CBS layers in a diffusive turbulence grid oscillation experiment (M. Mory et al.). Modelling of turbulent flow with suspended cohesive sediment (E.A. Toorman). Scaling parameters for High-Concentrated Mud Suspensions in tidal flow (J.C. Winterwerp). 3. Flocculation and settling velocity. Direct observation of the formation and break-up of aggregates in an annular flume using laser reflectance particle sizing (A.J. Bale et al.). The turbidity maximum in a mesotidal estuary, the Tamar Estuary, UK: I. Dynamics of suspended sediment (K.R. Dyer et al.). The turbidity maximum in a mesotidal estuary, the Tamar Estuary, UK: II. The floc properties (K.R. Dyer et al.). A comparison of floc properties observed during neap and spring tidal conditions (A.J. Manning, K.R. Dyer). Particle size distribution in


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