The FeT series – Fieldbus Systems and their Applications Conferences started in 1995 in Vienna, Austria. Since FeT'2001 in Nancy, France, the conference became an IFAC – International Federation of Automatic Control sponsored event. These proceedings focus on 13 sessions, covering, fieldbus based systems, services, protocols and profiles, system integration with heterogeneous networks, management, real-time, safety, dependability and security, distributed embedded systems, wireless networking for field applications, education and emerging trends. Two keynote speeches from experts outside Europe are featured. The first one entitled "Bandwidth Allocation Scheme in Fieldbuses" by Prof. Seung Ho, Hanyang University, Korea. The second by, Prof. I.F. Akyildiz, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, "Key Technologies for Wireless Networking in the Next Decade".

Key Features

* Featuring 36 high quality papers from 13 countries * Keynote speech reflecting the current interest of wireless communications for industrial applications * FeT'2005 was supported by a International Program Committee of around 40 members from 15 countries, 6 from Europe


For researchers, practitioners, and industrialists involved in research, development and applications issues related to communication subsystems and fieldbuses in the areas of industrial and process automation, building and home automation, automotive, and distributed embedded systems.

Table of Contents

Parallel Session 1 - Safety, Dependability and Security I Integration of scalable safety and security actions in IEC 61499 control applications (C. Schwab et al.).
A Fieldbus for safety-related real-time operation supporting forward recovery from redundant nodes (M. Skambraks, P. Neumann).
Dependability evaluation of real-time applications distributed on TDMA-based networks (F. Simonot et al.). Parallel Session 2 - Real-Time and Distributed Systems I Real-time procedures in distributed systems (M.J.B. Calha).
Real time computing in a high performance cluster (P. Pérez Miguel et al.). Parallel Session 3 – Building Automation I Current Challenges in Abstracting Data Points (W. Burgstaller et al.). The Artificial Recognition System (ARS): new concepts for building automation (G. Pratl et al.).
A Simulation and Visualization System for Sensor and Actuator Data Generation (H. Hareter et al.).
Parallel Session 4 - Networked Control Systems Analysis of Networked Control System with Packet Drops Governed by (m,k)-firm Constraint (Ning Jia et al.). A schedulability analysis of an IEC61499 control application (M. Khalgui et al.).
Fundamental considerations for implementing control systems on a CAN network (G. Juanole et al.). Parallel Session 5 – Applications I Development of a standardized fieldbus-based greenhouse climate control (O. Plaksina, T. Rausch).
Communications requirements for autonomous mobile robots: analysis and examples (V. Silva et al.).
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