Key Features

    • The first feline-specific book on soft-tissue surgery in the cat
    • Comprehensively addresses all surgeries currently practicable
    • Contains clear descriptions of techniques accompanied by wide-ranging, full-color illustrations
    • Presents an authoritative collaboration of editors and contributors of international reputation and authority

Table of Contents

PART 1 ‘ The pre- and post-operative patient. Pre-operative assessment for surgery. Analgesia for soft-tissue cases. Anaesthesia for soft-tissue cases. Imaging for soft-tissue disease. Blood transfusion in cats. Post-operative nursing. Nutrition for the surgical patient. Pre-, intra- and post-operative complications. PART 2 ‘ Surgical equipment and implants. Instrumentation for feline general surgery. Suturing, sutures and general surgical implants. Surgical drains. PART 3 ‘ Principles of oncological surgery. Surgical therapy for tumours. Radiation for feline neoplasia. Chemotherapy. PART 4 ‘ Skin and adnexa. Wound management. Axillary wounds. Skin grafts and flaps. Feline mammary glands. Injection site sarcomas. PART 5 ‘The abdomen. Exploratory celiotomy. Laparoscopic surgery. Abdominal wall and ruptures. Peritoneum and peritoneal cavity. Oesophagus. Stomach. Small intestines. Large intestine, rectum and anus. Liver and biliary system. Portosystemic shunts. Pancreas. Spleen. Adrenal gland. Kidney and ureter. Bladder. Male urethra. Male reproductive tract. Female reproductive tract. PART 6 ‘ The thorax. Thoracotomy. Thorascopic surgery. Thoracic wall. Pleura and pleural space. Diaphragmatic rupture and hernias. Trachea and bronchus. Lungs. Cardiac and vascular surgery. PART 7 ‘Head and neck. Tongue, Lips, cheeks, chin, tonsils, pharynx and salivary glands. Ear surgery. Eyelid and periorbital surgery. Nose, nasal passage and sinuses. Cranium. Palate. Larynx. Thyroid and parathyroid. Mandibulectomy and maxillectomy. Teeth.


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