Family Medicine Obstetrics

3rd Edition

Authors: Stephen Ratcliffe
Paperback ISBN: 9780323043069
eBook ISBN: 9780323070829
Imprint: Mosby
Published Date: 15th January 2008
Page Count: 736


Whether you offer comprehensive pregnancy care in your primary care facility, or provide prenatal and postpartum care, this book delivers the guidance you need to optimize health for both mothers and their babies. It covers all aspects of birth care, from preconception counseling and prenatal care, through labor and delivery (both low-risk and complicated), to postpartum care and the first month of life. The completely revised third edition includes the most up-to- date, evidence-based standards of care. It offers information that is patient centered, prevention oriented, educational, and sensitive to the care of the whole woman and her family.

Key Features

  • Features a reader-friendly outline/narrative format for ease of use in daily clinical practice.
  • Describes how to care for patients with a wide range of medical conditions during pregnancy as well as pregnancy-related conditions.
  • Takes a whole-family approach to maternity care, with discussions of maternal and paternal adjustment, marital adjustment, sibling adjustment, single-parent families, and return-to-work issues.
  • Provides patient and family education materials on a full range of topics, from nutrition in pregnancy to breastfeeding.
  • Features a section on alternative medicine in maternity care.
  • Provides detailed instruction for a wide array of procedures, including cesarean delivery, perineal repair of simple and complex lacerations, circumcision, assisted deliveries, and amnioinfusion.

Table of Contents

  1. Improving Safety and Quality in Maternity Care

    2. Preconception Care: Improving Birth Outcomes through Care before Pregnancy

    3. Content of Prenatal Care
    A. History of Prenatal Care
    B. Diagnosis and Dating of Pregnancy
    C. Prenatal Visits
    D. Initial Assessment
    E. Monitoring the Progress of Pregnancy
    F. Screening in Pregnancy and Predictive Value
    G. Medications in Pregnancy
    H. Immunizations in Pregnancy
    I. Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Maternity Care
    J. Diagnostic Ultrasound in Pregnancy

    4. Patient and Family Education
    A. Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation
    B. Childbirth Education 65
    C. Preparation for Parenting and Family Issues
    D. Breastfeeding Promotion
    E. Physiologic Changes and Common Discomforts of Pregnancy
    F. Exercise and Pregnancy

    5. Pregnancy Interventions
    A. Psychosocial Interventions
    B. Adolescent Pregnancy Interventions
    C. Substance Abuse in Pregnancy
    D. Smoking in Pregnancy
    E. Group Prenatal Care: Centering Pregnancy®

    6. Diagnosis and Management of First-Trimester Complications
    A. Diagnosis
    B. Management of Ectopic Pregnancy
    C. Management of Miscarriage

    7. Complications of Pregnancy
    A. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
    B. Multiple Gestation
    C. Vaginal Bleeding in the Second and Third Trimester
    D. Vaginal Birth after Cesarean
    E. Small-for-Dates Pregnancy
    F. Large-for-Dates Pregnancy including Macrosomia
    G. Disorders of Amniotic Fluid including Oligohydramnios and Polyhydramnios
    H. Possible Indicators of Fetal Abnormalities

    8. Chronic Medical Conditions in Pregnancy
    A. Pulmonary Problems in Pregnancy
    B. Cardiovascular Conditions
    C. Chronic Hypertension
    D. Thromboembolic Disease and Chronic Anticoagulation
    E. Hematologic Conditions in Pregnancy
    F. Gastrointestinal Conditions
    G. Neurologic Conditions
    H. Renal Disease
    I. Endocrine Conditions<


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About the Author

Stephen Ratcliffe

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor and Family Practice Program Director, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT